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Comment Re:Is it real unlimited? (Score 2) 193

If a road gets congested, then travelling on it gets slower, it doesn't ban new cars from entering the roadway. However the road might open up carpool lanes, which effectively prioritize those people who are taking actions to reduce road congestion...

Use of a shared resource will always, always, always be subject to prioritization. That's inherent. The people using more than 26GB are already the ones who are getting the best deal out of everyone before the throttling.

(this said, I'm switching to the cheaper $50 / month plan with limited data on T-Mobile the second my AT&T contract expires, which should be before those are discontinued).

Comment Re:It's the server, not the broadband (Score 1) 108

4k streaming is a thing these days. Netflix recommends 25Mbps. I imagine the majority of people don't have more than 1 4k TV today (though a significant minority will), but a 4k stream + some HD streams for other TV / browser use + miscellaneous use simultaneously isn't unreasonable. That means 50 is about the right capacity.

Comment Re:real reasion (Score 1) 460

It contradicts exactly what you said

This story is not about people leaving. It's about them not getting as many NEW customers as they thought.

But they say:

Gross additions were on target, but churn ticked up slightly and unexpectedly.

That's literally the opposite of what you said. They are getting as many new customers as they thought, but people are leaving.

Comment Re:Don't like bats? (Score 2) 115

Although nobody is talking about building enclosures to attract lightning to your bathroom...

There is a degree to which rabies in humans is rare because people are afraid of it. And fatal shark attacks are rare because humans don't like to swim where the dangerous shark varieties are. Etc..

That doesn't mean this isn't a good idea -- mosquitoes are a disease reservoir that is typically much more infectious, and choosing bats because they suppress mosquito populations* seems likely to be a good choice. It's just an explanation for why people don't love bats. I didn't care about bats much but my parents would tell me to avoid them due to the rabies risk.

* This of course assumes it's true. I've read that there's little evidence that bats eat enough mosquitoes to make up for the fake that they eat the things that already eat mosquitoes.

Comment Re:mcdonalds to get sued? (Score 1) 274

$480000 sounds like a fairly reasonable payout in this case, and it sounds like you aren't entirely opposed to that (or at least the amount of her huge medical bills, whatever it is), so I don't think we necessarily disagree (except others have covered serving vs. brewing temperatures). I have a bone to pick with this argument:

Those 700 incidents were over a period of something like 13 years when McDonalds sold billions of cups of coffee. I number crunched the statistics once. If you lived 5 miles from McDonalds and drove there to buy a cup of coffee and took it home, you were more likely to die in a traffic accident than to scald yourself by spilling their coffee. If their coffee was too dangerous for the public, then so is every car on the road.

That's a pretty nonsensical argument. If I had to swim through shark-infested waters to an island to go rock climbing, then the risk of me dying from a shark attack would exceed the risk of me dying from a rock climbing accident.

Yes, cars are dangerous, and that's why their use is carefully licensed and car manufacture, sale, and driving is one of the most regulated industries. It's an irrelevant benchmark because driving cars is not drinking coffee, and even if it were relevant it makes for a very poor benchmark in your case a lot of things can be safer than cars and regulated less than cars and still regulated a lot more than coffee.

In this case, the problem wasn't even that McDonald's served the coffee this hot, it's that it served it this hot with no warning.

Comment Re:That would be illegal in California (Score 2) 260

I don't see how that law applies. Microsoft didn't charge more than the list price of $0. Therefore it violated none of those laws.

At no point in that law do I see anything requiring the company to sell a product for its listed price, only requiring that it not charge more than its listed price.

Comment Re:One last try (Score 1) 218

All three of the things you mentioned are completely missing the point.

It's irrational to expect a dedicated 100% capacity-reserved line for every customer. It makes no economic sense. It's like expecting a dedicated lane in every highway just for you. That has nothing to do with net neutrality or ISPs sharing your Wifi.

You want to debate about Comcast's advertising, that's a different thing and you can have at it.

Comment Re:If (Score 4, Insightful) 232

Obviously Microsoft knows what's best for us, regardless of what we want.

In this case, literally yes, they do.

Maybe I *want* to use a weak password

And maybe you want to jump into the swimming pool wearing full platemail armour but the lifeguard doesn't have to let you, and in fact should not let you.

what business is it of theirs to tell me I can't?

It's literally their business.

Comment Re:I have noticed this as well... (Score 0) 164

I buy it on Amazon because, even though I do have time to go to the store and pick it up, why would I do that when I could just buy it on Amazon?

I do agree with you that I'm not likely to price-watch the small stuff -- that's not new to Amazon though. A price adjustment on a big-ticket item has never come up for me.

Comment Re:Maybe they just don't like the shows? (Score 5, Informative) 858

You didn't read the article.

The difference is that when men don't like shows that are aimed at women, they apparently rate the show, but when women don't like shows that are aimed at men, they don't rate the show. There are shows popular with men and unpopular with women, and vice-versa, and the latter get way more "wrong-gender" votes. No particular reason was proposed as to why this is. The call to action was to recognize that single-number rating systems obscure important details in general.

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