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Comment GOP Vice Presidential Checklist for Mike Pence (Score 2) 413

[x] Can not see Russia from his porch.
[x] Does not own a pig or lipstick.
[x] Able to name all of his children from memory.
[x] Is aware that the Founding Fathers did not know the Pledge of Allegiance.
[x] Has no unmarried, pregnant daughters promoting abstinence.
[ ] Understands that smoking tobacco kills.
[ ] Knows that Carbon Dioxide is the cause of Global Warming.
[ ] The movie Titanic is not a metaphor for the USA today.
[ ] Realizes George Washington was not a Republican.

Comment Re:Hell froze over... (Score 1) 164


Microsoft has implemented a Linux shim that translates all the native Linux system calls into the corresponding native Windows call and back.

Demo of running native Linux ELFs on Windows

Think of it as the reverse of WINE -- I dub it CHEESE. :-)

Just so I'm clear, Does LINUX run in MS Windows or is it just Ubuntu that runs?

Comment I've almost abandoned Firefox (Score 1) 141

While I have been a big proponent of Firefox in the past, I've begun to abandon it for Google-Chrome,

Since FF continues to chase G-C for features and seems to be more like G-C every release, why not use G-C?

It's faster and I can get my most-used extensions there and FF is dropping support for my favorite FF extensions.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 140

If this "person" was involved with, and then just decided to keep the domain to himself, this course of action is called illoyality, a very damning evidence of someone who should be shunned at all areas.

‘Illoyalty’ has been looked up 658 times on woktionary, is no one's favorite word yet, is on no lists yet, has no comments yet, and is not a valid Scrabble word.

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