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Comment Playing with fire (Score 3, Insightful) 168

Any frequent traveler like myself will tell you you're playing with fire leaving valuables like a laptop in a checked bag. Checked bags are lost ALL THE TIME, stolen from all the time, and damaged even more. If you're lucky, your travel insurance may throw you a bone for the value of the laptop but they won't be able to replace the value of what's on it. I won't even get into how disruptive it will be to your business trip or vacation to have a missing laptop.

Rule #1, avoid checking luggage at all costs. Rule #2, if you are forced to check, don't put anything in there except clothing, sundries, and other things of little value.

Comment Re:Only because of the Organians (Score 1) 116

Which companies do you propose we bust?

The last company people around here proposed be "busted" was Microsoft for it's bundling of IE... something which as we now know looking back has turned out to be mostly irrelevant.

A lot of people around here seem to want to "bust up" Google, but fail to provide any evidence of them actually using their position in any given market to influence their position in another unjustly. In fact, quite the opposite since they seem to go out of their way to list direct competitors prominently in their search results... Antitrust law does not allow the government to "bust up" a company just because they turn out to be wildly successful.

Comment Re:How much net energy used? (Score 1) 228

There is a huge difference in that Ethanol is mobile, pumping water uphill is not. You can't run a car or a truck or airplane or boat on water pumped up a hill*, but you can on ethanol.

* Unless you use that to charge batteries and then discharge in the vehicle, but by this point you are WAY below in efficiency, not to mention the cost of producing all of those battery vehicles. For the most part, cars and trucks and boats can burn ethanol with very little modification.

Comment Re:And how many foreigners? (Score 1) 64

Er... of course it ends up in a DB.

What did you think they were doing, going to all the expense of taking photos and fingerprints then throwing them away at the end of the day? Why would they ever do this? The whole point of taking photos and prints at the border is to look the individual up in databases.

Comment Re:Ban should go further (Score 1) 103

I don't know if this is supposed to be a joke, but such a plan would never, ever happen, for a plethora of reasons - not the least of which is that many major airlines use iPads as Infotainment devices *on the flight itself*, and pilots and attendants also routinely use tablets. Flight manuals nowadays are all on tablets. Passenger lists, all moving to tablets.

I won't even get into the amount of calls to congresscritters that would happen if you tried to tell the global business community they could no longer use their phones or laptops on flights (yes most modern thin laptops nowadays do not have removable batteries)

Comment Re:Outlawing poverty does not make it cease to exi (Score 2) 271

Or you could, you know, simply allow some developers to come in and build some decent high rises in this city, thus loosening the market for quality real estate and in tandem causing rents across the board to drop. But no, that is too easy.

Blame Zoning, Not Tech, for San Francisco's Housing Crisis

Comment Re:Not enough affordable housing? (Score 3, Insightful) 271

.. and this is exactly the problem.

The whole housing shortage in the bay area is entirely self-created. If the city would allow developers to come in downtown and build a few giant condo buildings they would do so in a heartbeat, because the market is obviously red hot. But the city does not want to allow the market to solve the problem.

Comment Re: Moores Law (Score 4, Insightful) 116

Your overly pedantic definition doesn't change at all why your original comment, that HPs sales decline is a "consequence of Moore's law" is inaccurate. HPs sales are dropping because the need for personal computing power has reached a plateau. Simple as that. It's the exact same reason Smartphone sales are slowing. You need killer apps to drive hardware sales, people only care about "faster" to a point.

Comment Re:Moores Law (Score 4, Insightful) 116

Moore's law is not what is dying. What is dying is people's desire for "faster", at least on the personal front. I am typing this on a 4 year old MacBook air. Every single application I run on this thing launches in under a second. I can play HD video without lag. It runs anything I want to do fine because most of the heavy lifting nowadays is up in the cloud - so, why would I buy a new PC? This is the reality most people live in now.

Until some big new wave of high-demand workloads on-premise arises (VR perhaps? Holography?), demand for PCs and Tabets will continue to fall off a cliff, because people simply don't need them. This has nothing at all to do with Moore's law at all - you could build a PC 2X as fast for 1/2 the cost, people still won't buy it if they don't have a use for it.

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