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Submission + - A New Perspective: Accessibility at E3 2011 (

spdk1 writes: Keith Sadler from gamrFeed shares his thoughts on why E3 needs to step it's game up for the disabled video game journalist: "Accessibility may not be an issue at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but for a certain segment of the population (myself included) it must be considered. E3 2011 was a first for me, and as a disabled person, I found access in and around E3 in some cases needlessly restrictive."

Comment Re:Something fishy here... (Score 1) 140

Yeah, the El Reg interview was an audio interview, I was also on KOMO News Radio, local here in Seattle. What else do you need, some photos off my Facebook profile? ;)

Not even a facebook profile would completely convince me. But the audio file, and that you were on a radio station that I listen to often(I'm actually from Seattle too), is proof enough. Usually I'm just skeptical to be skeptical and it only allows me to be more confident about the conclusions I draw. I'm sorry I have to take such an incredulous stance, but it's in my nature.

Congrats on achieving so much so early in life though. I'm sure we'll all hear about a lot more of your achievements down the road. That is unless you plan on retiring or something :P


Submission + - HP sues Oracle for dropping Itanium support (

Fudge Factor 3000 writes: HP is suing Oracle for a breach of contract, claiming that Oracle was contractually obliged to continue supporting the Itanium architecture, which they recently nixed support for. Oracle has fired back that Itanium is essentially a dead architecture and will soon be discontinued by Intel. And so the blood feud continues between Oracle and HP.

Comment Re:Every person's right (Score 1) 838

The problem with your analogy is that even the cancer patient is probably uncertain whether he or she really wants to die. To end your own suffering would be hard. Especially because you usually wouldn't want to be in that position in the first place. Accepting that your life is over due to bad luck and ultimately deciding to end it all has to be an extremely confusing situation to be in. And when in your in such an ambivalent state and your doctor gives you that subtle suggestion to kill yourself, you might take it as the medically correct thing to do. The acceptance of suicide can be seen as a subtle way of promoting it, which might influence many people, especially those in vulnerable and impressionable states, to commit suicide when they "normally" wouldn't want to. It's probably better to keep suicide illegal just so that the taboo persists. After all, it's not a very enforceable law. If you want to die, it's not that hard to kill yourself in a fairly painless way (though I've never put much thought into how).

Comment Re:This? (Score 1) 213

And for that matter, what do they mean by "Golden". Are hackers using gold computers now? Did they give up on those diamond computers they were developing?

I just don't get this figurative language stuff.

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