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Submission + - Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking 1

Fudge Factor 3000 writes: Google has recently quietly changed its privacy policy to allow it to associate web tracking, which is supposed to remain anonymous, with personally identifiable user data:

This completely reneges its promise to keep a wall between ad tracking and personally identifiable user data, further eroding one's anonymity on the internet. Google's priorities are clear. All they care about is monetizing user information to rake in the big dollars from ad revenue.

Think twice before you purchase the premium priced Google Pixel. Google is getting added value from you as its product without giving you part of the revenue it is generating through tracking through lower prices.

Submission + - How Amazon Shames Warehouse Workers for Alleged Theft (

Fudge Factor 3000 writes: Using Orwellian methods, Amazon has put up flatscreen TVs in its warehouses to discourage theft amongst its employees. These TVs show clips of alleged on-the-job thefts. To keep the thieves anonymous, they are masked by a silhouette stamped with the word "terminated" with the particulars of their theft also displayed. Theft is a serious concern for Amazon because of the low pay and high-turnover of their workers. The simpler solution may be to pay workers a satisfactory wage so that they are less likely to steal. However, most workers claim that these tactics are just to let them know that they are being watched. Sweatshops don't just exist in Asia, they are also present right here in the USA.

Submission + - 4chan Founder Chris Poole Will Try To Fix Social At Google (

An anonymous reader writes: Google never "got" social. For all the resources thrown at it, Google+ just never quite felt human. But luckily Google just hired the guy behind 4chan — a site that epitomized the good, the bad and the ugly of humanity on the internet. Chris Poole started 4chan in his bedroom at age 15. In the 12 years since, he built it into a 20 million active user image-sharing community around topics ranging from cosplay and cute animals to anime porn and the notoriously uncensored anonymous channel /b/. While Google probably won't force him into a suit and tie, Poole now has a much more corporate job: He'll be working under Google's Bradley Horowitz, VP of streams, photos and sharing. Poole writes: "When meeting with current and former Googlers, I continually find myself drawn to their intelligence, passion, and enthusiasm — as well as a universal desire to share it with others. I'm also impressed by Google's commitment to enabling these same talented people to tackle some of the world's most interesting and important problems."

Submission + - Supreme Court Rejects Apple eBooks price fixing appeal (

Fudge Factor 3000 writes: Apple has exhausted all of its legal avenues to overturn the original conviction of anti-trust behaviour where it colluded with publishers to move to an agency pricing model in order to fight against Amazon's dominance in the publishing world. While the publishers settled out of court, Apple maintained its innocence throughout and continued to appeal the original $450 million judgement against it. Today, the Supreme Court of the US has decided to reject Apple's appeal, which is now the end of the road.

Submission + - Bill Gates Sides With FBI in Apple Spat (

Fudge Factor 3000 writes: Bill Gates has now publicly stated that Apple should cooperate with the FBI in the San Barnandino terrorist's phone unlocking case. He states that is for this specific case, but seems to miss the point that there are other law enforcement officials waiting on the wings with their requests should this precedent be set. The war against privacy escalates.

Comment Amazing experimental achievement in physics (Score 1) 460

LIGO measures differential distortions in the length of two 4 km arms. It needs to be able to distinguish changes in length at the level of one part in 10^21 to be able to detect these gravity waves. For comparison, it is able to measure a difference of distance between say here and the nearest star system 4 light years away to within the width of a human hair!!!

Submission + - Giant Telescope Project Stalled By Hawaiian Natives (

Fudge Factor 3000 writes: Hawaiian Supreme Court throws out construction permit for the Thirty Meter Telescope project, which is going to be one of the largest ground-based, 1.5 billion dollar telescope. A vocal minority of Hawaiians for religious reasons has vehemently contested and protested the construction of the telescope at Maunakea. Now, they have been successful in contesting the construction permit. The status of the project is now unknown.

Submission + - Apple's Tim Cook is gay. Seriously, he is. (

rodrigoandrade writes: What seems at first to be the pinnacle of Apple fanboy trolling is actually true. Tim Cook has publicly come out of the closet. "Being gay has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be in the minority and provided a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with every day. It’s made me more empathetic, which has led to a richer life. It’s been tough and uncomfortable at times, but it has given me the confidence to be myself, to follow my own path, and to rise above adversity and bigotry. It’s also given me the skin of a rhinoceros, which comes in handy when you’re the CEO of Apple.

Submission + - Samsung Galaxy S4 Allegedly Explodes and Burns Down Apartment

Fudge Factor 3000 writes: It appears the batteries in the latest smartphones pack a powerful punch. A Hong Kong man alleges that his brand new Galaxy S4 exploded into flames as he was playing a quick game of Love Machine. He promptly threw it onto his couch and ran out of the house. The ensuing fire engulfed the entire apartment and destroyed everything. Full details of the incident can be found here: Pictures of the damage can be found at this (Chinese) site:

Could this have been caused by cheap 3rd party chargers that may have also caused the death of an iPhone user,, discussed last week?

Submission + - Star of Apple Retail experience, Ron Johnson, fired as CEO of JC Penney

Fudge Factor 3000 writes: Ron Johnson was famous for coming up with Apple Store retail experience that a lot of people have grown to love. They became hip hangout joints where people could try out Apple products and learn about using them. These stores also generate the greatest revenue per square foot of any retail space out there. He was hired by JC Penny to turn around the beleaguered company in 2011 as CEO after being scooped from Apple. However, it appears he has failed miserably in his task of attracting the young hip crowd while at the same time alienating the base that frequently shopped at JCP. He failed spectacularly at JCP for all the same reasons he succeeded at Apple. Time lists the 5 reasons for his ouster in this article: It is a really interesting read about what not to do.

It appears the SVP of Retail position remains open at Apple. Will he return?

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