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Comment Re:Suprising how? (Score 2) 771

"The fun part they didn't apparently check is that the 'Free Market' folks are also going to be the most likely to deny evolution....which is the ultimate 'free market'. "

I don't believe that the majority of purported "free marketers" are actually what they claim; I believe, that many who claim to be in favor of free markets, are mostly self-applying the label due to the usual American knee-jerk reaction to the "Socialism" bogeyman.

My run-ins with creationists in time fits this model rather well. They're not as much 'for' anything, as they are against its supposed polar opposite.

Then again, that does describe most people in the mainstream political chat-o-sphere these days...

Comment Re:Science and conjecture (Score 1) 771

"Global warming" as the term is generally used is not science."

It was, but was changed to because the dense skulls typically encountered in debates involving skeptics and denialists, who seemingly cannot accept that "global warming" doesn't mean that the globe is warming everywhere and at all times (ie. the "omg we just had a snowstorm, global warming is a FRAUD, rage" kind of sillyness).

"Climate Change" is very much harder to intentionally misunderstand in an effort to muddy the debate.

Comment Re:Never, ever, ever, ever trust the government (Score 1) 275

>In USA you have small government, no taxes and (snip)

The USA as a no-tax country, as you or others put forward, is a myth; the tax burden as a part of GDP is just under 30%, while in Europe, on average, is just over 40%.

That you get screwed on healthcare and by telcos is true, but a different matter.

Comment Re:Never, ever, ever, ever trust the government (Score 1) 275

>Excuse me, how does deregulation have anything to do with SEC incompetency? The financial services industry in America is one of the most regulated industries in the world.

Deregulation has nothing to do with it, but libertarians/free-marketers and their supposed nasty influence in the US halls of government is a easy dog to beat on, despite its non-existence (almost same non-existince that the people who put forward such silly notions demonstrate when their claims are challenged, as in this thread. Cue the tumbleweeds.).


Energy Star Program Certifies 15 Out of 20 Bogus Products 275

longacre writes "A Gasoline-Powered Alarm Clock was among 15 bogus products granted the coveted Energy Star seal of approval by the US Environmental Protection Agency during a secret evaluation conducted by the Government Accountability Office. In addition, four fictional manufacturers run by fake people and marketed with crummy websites — Cool Rapport (HVAC equipment), Futurizon Solar Innovations (lighting), Spartan Digital Electronics, and Tropical Thunder Appliances — were granted Energy Star partnerships. The root of the problem: Manufacturers need only submit photos and not actual examples of their products, and they submit their own efficiency ratings, which are not independently verified by the EPA."

Comment Re:Way to go (Score 1) 452

>How is that a strawman?

Because of the massive dis-proportionality of the power being excerted in the cases you compare adn attempt to equivocate.

> The point was not the scope or extent of the power. The point was the arbitrary way that it is exercised and the fact that justification of its use is an afterthought if it is provided at all.

All humans are capable of such behavior, whether they are the parents of a child, sitting in a boardroom, or in government halls. On a side note, I usually see more such unjustified, either purely or by lies and coverups, behavior from politicians because of lack of accountability, also related to my earlier posts). But if this is your point, I must consider your argument largely irrelevant.

> It's the difference between "because I am in charge and I said so" versus "because I believe it's the most reasonable way to proceed, and here are my factual reasons explaining why I think so; please let me know if new evidence comes to light."

In the degree that morality and honesty matters, yes; in the degree that what matters are the consequences and harm from actions justified or not, the aforementioned dwindles.

>That distinction can be made whether the situation is "do we execute this possible terrorist?" or whether it's "how long should Junior be grounded?" So again, if your disproportionate concern for the scope of power has anything to do with the way authority is justified, or somehow makes my reasoning a strawman, you have not made your case.

Or you have missed it. Shortly explained, I'm pointing out differences in consequences of actions of the three examples, not the moral basis.

Comment Re:Way to go (Score 1) 452

>Really? which part of history is that, exactly? I can't remember any totalitarian regime that didn't have hordes of people inmigrating to neighboring countries.

Those that had the opportunity. Many millions did not (fx. the victims of the Ukraninian Holodomor or the killing fields of Cambodia), or died trying. The deaths at the berlin wall is a minor though notable illustration.

> Sure in the worst ones many people were caught, usually when they tried to hide in the same country instead of getting out, but children trying to find refuge from their abusive parents within their own home usually fare no better.

>As for corporations, I've only got four words for you: modern day United States

I'm unsure about what you are trying to say, but keep in mind that corporations that gain tyrannical powers invariably do so with the aid of government; in fact, corporations are creations of laws of government. In cases where you do not have the ability to not-choose products, "services" or bein in servitude of a corporation, it is by and large always due to, or with the blessing of, government.

Comment Re:Way to go (Score 3, Insightful) 452

>While Communism encourages this behavior, it does not hold a monopoly on it. Plenty of non-Communists in businesses and governments everywhere are this way. Remember that corporations are essentially dictatorships and that the type of politician who "knows what's good for you" does not ask whether you agree. Even "because I said so" parents and teachers exhibit this behavior (and condition people to accept it from a young age).

True, but a strawman. Corporations rarely hold the broad scope of powers that governments do. Parents ditto. (Consumers can choose to not buy from a corporation they dislike; children can typically run away from abusive parents and seek refuge with neighbours and family. Seekign refuge from government is another matter entirely as history will show you.). Also, both of the aforementioned rarely their their so-called dicatatorial powers to the excesses that governments do, especially government led by politically-religious folks ala Charvez.

Comment Re:Where exactly do we stop at this? (Score 1) 120

It's amazing how stupid some people are on the internet. It is almost as if all literary skills go out the window and the don't freaking READ WHAT THE SCREEN SAYS!

A while ago an extended relative asked what I wanted for Christmas (we do a rotation where everyone gets a couple random names and they buy for those names only rather than something for every single person, that way everyone gets some stuff but you dont have to spend a lot on people you don't even know/care about). Anyway, rather than listing a bunch of stuff, I told them just to look me up on Amazon where I have a couple public wishlists running. Tell them to just search for me on the Amazon wishlists, no problem right? Ive tested it and my name brings it straight to me. I was dead wrong, they just tried to use the product search and didn't find me (my biography isnt listed yet I guess, go figure) even though I told them explicitly to go to with WISHLIST page which is linked right at the top of the screen. I cried a little for humanity.

Worst part is, I'm related to these people.

Comment Re:This comment surprises me (Score 1) 640

Yeah, you are right - Apple popularity on the stock market has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they keep beating the Analysts' expectations for years now, that their growth stays far above Dell's and HP's for years now, nor that they actually bring out new products that have a major impact in their market but also on other industries. None of that.

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