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Comment Re: Never saw that coming (Score 1) 250

Yes, you are technically correct. However, every phishing site that I've ever seen does exactly zero without javascript enabled. If you've already visited paypal and whitelisted it in NoScript, then you'll immediately notice when you go to a similar site that isn't whitelisted and know not to put in any credentials.

Comment Re:silent s (Score 1) 250

But the certificate does authenticate that the domain in your browser URL bar is owned/controlled by the owner of the certificate. The fact that you are going to a different domain than the one that you expected is nothing to do with HTTPS. The whole point of a CA is to provide a certificate to legitimate owners of the domains. The point of a CA is NOT to determine that such-and-such domain is mistaken with another domain because the user is stupid.

Comment Re:but you arent a traditional CA (Score 2) 250

You are entirely misunderstanding how SSL certificates work. LetsEncrypt allows the owner/administrator of domains to get and use a free SSL certificate and there is nothing to suggest that they are giving out certificates to non-owners of the relevant domains. The fact that you confuse with is not a problem with SSL encryption.

Comment Re:Public roads? (Score 1) 469

It might not be the drivers' intentions to reduce highway capacity, but driving on a highway DOES reduce capacity for everyone else (to the tune of one vehicle). In large numbers, drivers can completely clog a road/highway and they then start complaining about there not being enough capacity for them all without realising that they are part of the problem.

Comment Re:Ray Kurzweil (Score 1) 90

It can be an issue as pretty much all sources of B-12 are meat and fish based, so a vegan is unlikely to get enough of it unless they make a special effort. Most foods aren't fortified with B-12 as B-12 deficiency is rare (unless you're a vegan). Also, as the body stores B-12 for about a year or so, it'll take a while for any deficiency to take effect.

Isn't a B-12 deficient diet an example of malnutrition?

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