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Comment Re:This is a surprise? (Score 1) 483

Why SHOULD they think for themselves? They're explicitly paid to perform a specified job, so if they start questioning it, they'll just get replaced with someone who will just shut up and get on with it.

After all, they get paid to write code and then get paid to write the code that should have been specified in the first place.

Don't blame them for poorly/short-sighted written contracts.

Comment Re:Good (Score -1, Offtopic) 299

Surely "American" is more than a nationality. "American" covers anyone born on the American continent (i.e North America and South America). This means that Brazilians, Mexicans, Canadians etc can all be classified as American.

However, a lot of people believe that "American" only covers the U.S.A.

Comment Re:Chromebook is great (Score 1) 177

I appreciate why you might want to dual/multi-boot but for work purposes, I just use Linux. The lack of storage isn't a problem for me as I mainly use it to control lots of servers, so they do all the data storage and moving. When I've used it to spin up VMs, I've just plugged in an external USB drive, although that was mainly to make it easier to transfer images as most of the VMs I create are only 10-20gb in size. To me, the extra memory trumps internal storage.

I did say initially try out ChromeOs and used crouton to dual-boot into xUbuntu, but ended up wiping ChromeOs and just installing xUbuntu natively. The speakers don't work, but as it's a work machine, I didn't realise for 3-4 months that they were broken (headphones still work though).

It's odd to use a machine without a network socket, though. I ended up getting a USB-C to gigabit network adapter to connect it to my work network.

Comment Re:Antivaxing in particular (Score 1) 499

So how is medicine not following scientific principles?

As I understand it, science progresses by having an idea about how things work (a conjecture or hypothesis), testing out that idea (e.g. double-blind studies) and then evaluating the outcome.

What actually bugs me about a lot of the anti-vaxxers is the complete misunderstanding of why double-blind experiments are so important. I've heard a lot of anecdotes from people proclaiming that certain foods cure certain ailments but it's all subjective results without any control groups and they wonder why I am sceptical.

I understand your desire for a deeper understanding of biological systems, but the big problem is that most biological systems are insanely complex, so it's more to do with getting a handle on complex systems which don't necessarily boil down to simple concepts. This is why a lot of medicine is based on a "suck-it-and-see" approach which can produce incredible effects in some cases (e.g. figuring out scurvy is caused by lack of vitamin c).

Comment Re:That's a funny new definition of "entitlement" (Score 1) 438

The dealer's original Ford has just the same worth or value as before. It's just that his potential market is a bit smaller which is more a failure of his business plan than being "stolen" from.

If I set up a business making buggy whips and then the auto mobile gets invented, would you claim that I've been stolen from? Should the new car-sellers be shut down and charged with theft?

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