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Comment Re: What am I doing wrong? (Score 2) 574

I think you are right... we could post the salary range but never thought about it. I will bring it up with HR. The problem is that we only pay in the medium range but make up for it with a shorter work week, telecommuting, and good benefits. So the salary isn't going to blow anyone's socks off but emphasizing the other benefits may help.

Comment Re: What am I doing wrong? (Score 1) 574

Like a majority of the job postings we don't list the salary range. We only get to that part after the interview process which is why I know salary isn't the reason we are not receiving candidates. Our retention has also been very high so employees are satisfied with the overall benefits package. If we had candidates receive an offer and then refuse it, that would indicate a salary issue.

Comment What am I doing wrong? (Score 3, Informative) 574

I'm a "former" developer and current IT hiring manager. I am trying to fill a couple of developer positions. I worked with HR to craft the job description that best described the job opening... Without any crazy years of experience requirements. It is a senior level position though. At any rate, we have received only two qualified candidates in two months. And we have received only four or five resumes so it's not as if we have been weeding out a ton of candidates before interviewing them. One received a promotion from their current employer before we could bring them back for a second interview, the other was asking for almost double what we could have offered plus wanted to telecommute from out of state half the week. We just are not seeing candidates. Where do developers go when they are looking for jobs? Job boards are expensive and we can't afford to hit every one of them.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 173

Yep, I went to place an order while it was down. I noticed it was down, hit Slashdot to see if this was news or my local network, saw nothing, did a little work and then hit it 30 minutes later to place my order. Some orders will be permanently lost but that is normal for any business over the course of doing business.

Comment Forget education... (Score 1) 314

"Demands for college degrees and IT certifications and the ability to get IT security clearances should not be a priority in hiring,.. Forget education..." - Schwartau

While we are at it why don't we remove the same criteria from becoming a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Not a good idea? I didn't think so either.


Auto Incorrect 86

theodp writes "Combine smartphone auto correction and fat-fingered virtual keyboard typing, writes Rob Walker, and the results can be hilarious and even shocking. The website Damn You, Autocorrect collects the awesomely embarrassing text messages that you never meant to send. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to masturbate some chicken for bisexuals night!"

Bethesda Criticized Over Buggy Releases 397

SSDNINJA writes "This editorial discusses the habit of Bethesda Softworks to release broken and buggy games with plans to just fix the problems later. Following a trend of similar issues coming up in their games, the author begs gamers to stop supporting buggy games and to spread the idea that games should be finished and quality controlled before release – not weeks after."

Comment iPhone App Issues (Score 1) 348

The iPhone app has a 1.5 star rating. It hasn't been updated in quite some time and doesn't work on [my] iPhone 3gs. It does seem to work fine on [my] iPhone 3g and [friends] iPhone 4g. It did work on the iPhone 3gs before the last update to the app though, so it is something they broke. The problem is that the video and audio is out of sync and unwatchable.

Submission + - SPAM: Was Bruce Lee Good for Martial Arts?

havoc writes: Every generation seems to have a movie that spurs interest in martial arts and increases class sizes at schools across the country. These movies are undoubtedly good for the business of martial arts, but are they good for the arts themselves.
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