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Journal Journal: The End of the Desktop 3

More or less accidentially, I dist-upgraded LMDE to find GNOME3 which I until now avoided (like Unity, for that matter).

Oh, I wish I had switched on my brain before upgrading.


Comment Re:Why is it taking so long? (Score 1) 308

Sorry to ruin this with fact, but "chrome" is jargon that has been around for a very long time. I encountered it long before Netscape even had a product.

"Results 1 - 10 of about 18,400,000 for firefox chrome" including such top hits as "Fun with Firefox Chrome URLs".

You've got to be feeling pretty apologetic to credit a team developing a competing web browser with not knowing basics about firefox and mozilla suite.

In any case, either Google didn't know about chrome: (inconceivable) or they chose the name Chrome on purpose knowing that it would be a slap at firefox. Personally I think either case is pretty crummy of Google.

Comment Also (Score 1) 604

In other news, Slashdot is doing a way with moderators. With the motto 'Unmoderated is moderated', the idea is that when faced with unmoderated posts, readers will naturally read all posts. Then again, they may end up with posts in other languages like Hindu and Chinese and not labeled as trolls.

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