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Comment Re:Yeah... but no. (Score 1) 657

An engineering education alone without any experience does not make an engineer. However I would agree a "degreed engineer" is a legitimate distinction that should not be suppressed. Rather "registered engineer", particularly with the central disciplines and state filed, stamped paperwork, should be the legally protected term. Otherwise many issues of competition, guilds, Constituitional violations (e.g. free speech) occur.

Also context is important.

Comment Re: Yes but (Score 2) 657

He was probably mistaken to advertise himself as an engineer without further verbal qualifications or disclaimers to a state board. More interesting would be if he stated his education and experience and said that he is specifically not an iOregon registered (mechanical, civil, electrical, etc) engineer.

Public discussion alone of suggestion of errors, principles, calculations and opinions should clearly not be forestalled by such suppressive action. The fine sounds like a power grab in two directions, both over bland use of "engineer" vs "registered engineer", and criticism over the traffic lights. * Certainly if he was licensed and practiced in another state, there would be other Constitutionl issues * Many people have various engineering degrees and work for large organizations with registered discipline engineers carying the stamp * Much of the work is not in highly regulated areas, or simply involves research, operations, administrative and supervisorial duties * Much work goes on in new, evolving areas that would overlap disciplines.

Personally I think a lot of the problems with medicine include too broad licensing laws in was that conflict with discovery and progress by outsiders.

Comment Re:More "trust me" science (Score 1) 277

The Real Lies website has damaged the credibility of government funded Big Science. Most people wish they could grade their own papers in college the same way. Imagine everyone graduates summa cum laude despite despite years of financial dissolution and academic cheating.

Farmers Almanac does a better job on prediction. It's based on solar activity.

Comment dangerous academics (Score 1) 277

Actually the kinetic studies on the atmosphere show that we are already turning over the CO2 surprisingly fast. It's conceivable that we won't be able to double the atmospheric CO2 levels given some decent management of the land and water.

In any case, we seem to probably be sliding toward a Maunder type minimum for the next 30 - 200 years, assuming it's not the Big One (ice age). Oh yeah, the onset of Ice Ages was the original rationale for the funding for climate studies that they haven't done much on.... This idiot is running around trying to cool it further. TOTAL F'G FAIL

Comment Re:What the AI is actually diagnosing (Score 1) 74

Guppy's post above shows the benefit of more time and treatment data, looping back to a doctor. This is what makes keeping good records so important for each doctor visit.

Different doctors, and different kinds of drs, have different diagnostic models and skills, but could use all the data. DItto therapeutics.

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