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Comment worse and worse (Score 1, Troll) 356

What's worse is when you think you can spot most of the propaganda and spin. Then you find the alt news sites that really have investigated the facts, collected evidence, and show the actual videos with analysis, and you realize how bad the propaganda problem really is. Basically we've been snookered for decades and generation, getting worse and worse.

Comment Re:Hmmm.... (Score 1) 135

They probably ran out of the old Soviet parts... Soviet factories once they got started could crank out lots of whatever. Part of why SU went broke. A friend in the 90s encountered an ammonium nitrate or sulfate plant that just piled the stuff up for several years because they didn't have transportation arranged (rails)and built yet.

Comment Re:antifraud (Score 1) 563

The videos of the unredressed, violent political activities of the illegals in California give credence to less violent political activities.

Free stuff and genocidal threats have appeal in some quarters of the illegals - we see it in South Texas videos, California, even northern cities.

Comment Re:mdsolar (Score 1) 300

Tokyo Electric management was criminal in technically trivial ways that were long known,some obvious to even a beginning engineering student. The industry magazine Nuclear Safety discussed some of these deliberate flaws over 40 years ago in their articles.

Personally I think some of the senior management and directors of Tokyo Electric should be stripped of all assets to compensate a small part of their criminally willful acts of greed.

Comment antifraud (Score 1, Insightful) 563

The voting dead and other illegal votes are a .bigger problem. The electoral college actually is a pretty good antifraud device, buffering the country if a state is subverted and votes 200% for Jim Jones on the Purple Koolade platform..

Comment shortening (Score 0) 99

Getty et al appear to be participants to ongoing fraud and extortion. They should probably quit before people tire of the games and go full vigilante on them or their officers, when they realize elimination may be more effective than (corrupt) adjudication...

Think of the Parisian mobs around the French Revolution. Or after, when they shortened the financiers that parallel our globalist corps today.

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