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Comment corp scams (Score 1) 103

hmmmm. Service and consent seem like a big issue. Should be "No corporate planitiffs", natural citizens only. I certainly don't want any more billing scams, like in the US with real companies trying to bill and sue fro anything with mystery meat fees or zombie uncancelled, -able services, or Canadian lawyers on the make.

Comment success (Score 1) 53

Maintenance chemo forever We have used at least one drug on the ReDo list for a stage IV cancer diagnosis, along with specific anticancer megavitamins and supplements. In terms of success, we've done far, far better than peers spending several million dollars. Great quality of life, almost no side effects or down time for treatments, much longer life, and saved millions of dollars that we didn't have. Hopefully many of the ReDo drugs will be successful and studied soon.

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