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Comment Re:BCH psch = T4 program (Score 1) 295

Sorry Bryan, the T4 part may be a little hyperbolic but the dangerous and even deadly effects of Corp and State commanded interference is not. They clearly have no allowance for peculiar nutrition issues in psychiatry these days beeyond the most elementary levels. Whether Justina had exactly what is called mitochondrial disease, or one of many problems of malabsorption or metabolism doesn't matter as much. Bottom line is that the patrents had a somewhat data/experience driven, personalized nutrition program for her, no matter what model was assumed.

Comment corp scams (Score 1) 103

hmmmm. Service and consent seem like a big issue. Should be "No corporate planitiffs", natural citizens only. I certainly don't want any more billing scams, like in the US with real companies trying to bill and sue fro anything with mystery meat fees or zombie uncancelled, -able services, or Canadian lawyers on the make.

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