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Comment success (Score 1) 53

Maintenance chemo forever We have used at least one drug on the ReDo list for a stage IV cancer diagnosis, along with specific anticancer megavitamins and supplements. In terms of success, we've done far, far better than peers spending several million dollars. Great quality of life, almost no side effects or down time for treatments, much longer life, and saved millions of dollars that we didn't have. Hopefully many of the ReDo drugs will be successful and studied soon.

Comment tyranny (Score 0, Flamebait) 136

"harmonization" is a deadly form of tyranny. It was used to disappear inexpensive things like cheaper and more advanced supplements that can be used succesfully to help deal with serious illnesses.

Imagine if vitamin D were only available at 1000 iu, more like 20 years ago, and everyone in your family needs 10,000 iu per day to be normal to stay alive. 2-5 cents per day in one system, perhaps $2-5 per day in the other, or your shorter, miserable life.

Comment Re:what the Saudis owe... (Score 1) 354

Americans, in pre-WWII discovered the oil in Saudi after many dry holes.

American technology drives the oil industry worldwide. The Saudi government negiotiated favorable terms for the risks, technology and capital involved. Saudi happened to have enough oil to make cheating a strategic move, gypping the shareholders and employees of 4 American companies (Chevron, Exxon, Mobil Texaco) involved out of hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars of their share. A share now funding and overbreeding low IQ islamic terrorists.

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