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Submission + - iPhone in Australia, small data caps, no contract

harlequinn writes: Optus are offering the iPhone 3G in Australia with no contract for $729(aus) for the 8GB model and $849 for the 16GB model. The phones are locked to the Optus network and to unlock them from Optus costs an extra $80. While owning the phone outright may be exciting, the pre-paid and post-paid pricing models are not. The data cost for all pre-paid plans is 2.2c/KB for weekdays and 1.1c/KB for weekends, so $100 will buy you just over a whopping 4.5MB on a given weekday. The only way to get any decent amount of data is to buy $100 credit upfront which gives you an automatic 1GB of data. The post-paid plans are not any better. To get 1GB of data you need to sign up to the $149 a month cap plan or the $99 "yes" plan. Both feature excess data rates of 35c/MB. All post-paid plans include massive early exit fees. Both upload and download is counted towards the data limit. Check it out at

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