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Comment Re:So many flaws.... (Score 1) 340

you'll only be able to run 2 corridor of landing and 2 corridor for lift-off at all time

2 not 4. You both take off and land into the wind. So you'd only have 2 "runways" at any given time, one on either side of the circle. Say the wind was blowing perfectly north to south you'd have 2 "runways" facing due north. Once you start deviating from this you are creating crosswind landings which is against the core design principle.

The quoted number of 3 simultaneous operations only exist in a zero wind situation. If there's any wind one will be fine. At least two will have cross winds. The only way to avoid the third "runway" having a tailwind would be to have all three with a crosswind. Which as mentioned is against the core design principle.

The designer clearly has no aviation experience.

Comment Re:Ah, but it's the effort to deter that counts. (Score 1) 188

Except that keeping people out isn't the point of "No Trespassing" signs. A legal requirement of trespassing is that you have to be told that you are not allowed there. Thus if there are no signs then you cannot be prosecuted unless an authorized agent finds you in the act and requests your departure.

Comment Re:Connect with a VPN (Score 2) 390

Verizon is most likely telling the truth in a highly deceptive way. Technically there is no throttling. There are not fucking with any packet that comes through that connection. They are not actively doing anything to inhibit the flow from Netflix. They've simply chosen to architect a bottle neck which only impacts one provider. The end result is the same but they can truthfully say they're not throttling.

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