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Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 375

always buy my games on disc so that if the balloon goes up, I still have the disc and the cd-key, and can keep right on enjoying my product.

This doesn't work anymore in many cases, as you noticed. More and more games will come tied-in to online services. I loath any kind of DRM, but Steam (which I thought was terrible for the consumer when it was launched) is knows one of the most "user-friendly" DRM services. It actually let's you play when not connected to the internet :|

This also means that if I forget my password, my game, which I spent £20 on, stops working.

I'm pretty sure you can write it down, then it's nothing more than a CD key.

Comment Microsoft Cordless Phone (Score 1) 405

It was a product that was just a little ahead of its time for the home market, but it never really took off. Cool in concept, being able to listen to voicemail on pc or the phone. If I remember correctly though, the downside for why I didn't buy one was that I wasn't leaving the computer on all day back then. Microsoft Cordless Phone

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