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Comment Re:And any other CLI masking, please! (Score 4, Interesting) 178

There is a reason for businesses to spoof a number.

Let's say I own Bob's National Grocery chain. My internal number is 888-555-1555. When I dial out, for privacy reasons, my number shows as the internal switchboard number - 888-555-2627 ("bobs" lol). This should not be a problem, as (1) my company owns this number and (2) it is answered. The issues here are two fold:

1. How do you determine the number I am advertising is mine? The answer here is simple - for numbers I advertise out from my phone switch, I must own these from the phone company I am peering with (first hop) or have some way to prove that I own those DIDs if I have multiple peering companies. Not a difficult hurdle to overcome.
2. How do you determine the number I am advertising (assuming step #1 is valid) is a valid company or answered number? In the case of robocalls or spam, my company could prove I own a block - satisfying #1 above, but turn out to be a voicemail box that's full or a non-company-answered blank DID.

About 15 years ago, I played around with a company owned phone switch setup and found that ANY number I put to advertise outbound was picked up and relayed to the target's caller id. I made a few test calls to my cell phone to validate that this was possible and then promptly reverted back to the company's owned block.

Comment Yahoo was much better before they went commercial (Score 1) 401

The Yahoo Web Directory was a great tool. as Yahoo went commercial the company deviated so far from it's roots that it became just another search engine plauged with fake news and celebrity gossip crap. So.. because of that Google became my web tool.

Google is becoming annoying. I'm hoping the Verizon / Yahoo deal falls through and somehow Yahoo regroups, finds it's roots and becomes the
useful internet directory that it once was. Drop the dumb celebrity crap, drop the sponsored fake news..

If the founders of Yahoo were in charge, and they stayed with a technical focus rather than fake news and celebrity gossip I think Yahoo would still be a viable business today.


Comment Re:I quit using DVR (Score 1) 137

One of the groups that does a good job on this is - you can purchase a season subscription, about $100 USD and you get access to all races and footage past and present - and NO commercials.

I was originally watching it on FS1 and then this past season BEIN took over. I thought - well, if I'm going to pay $10 a month for BEIN on my cable plan, I may as well stream - and I'm glad I do, because with a sport like motorcycle racing, the commercial timeouts were not true race timeouts - and the local company would effectively cause me to miss parts of the race that may or may not have good footage.

US sports wouldn't benefit much from streaming (still have TV timeouts etc) so the advertising could still be there, if they would just make the streaming free or reasonable for those who don't want to subscribe to the massive amounts of cable channels packaged today.

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