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Comment Re:For limited values of 'you'. (Score 1) 161

Hooray! A security feature exclusive to Windows 10 Enterprise customers. That will substantially cut down on the actual difference this makes.

Actually that could influence a lot of Slashdot readers. There's plenty of slashdotters working for the man, because that's where a lot of interesting jobs are. Unfortunately, Microsoft not giving an API for sandboxing will probably mean that these slashdotters will have to use Edge, because lots of Windows sysadmins will outlaw other browsers besides Edge :-(

Comment Very easy transition (Score 2) 148

I'm working on a small mixed Objective-C/Swift project. The API was provided, and is in Objective-C so no changes there. The UI code (i.e. all view controllers) are all in Swift, and consist of about ~30 classes. Moving from Swift 2.3 to 3 was quite easy with the migration tool, and took me about two hours.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 1) 125

I can usually push and manage to get something installed, but typically I don't want to do that.

Exactly. This is also the reason I started using vi. I've never used a Unix system that didn't have it installed. You typically want to save sysadmin time for something really important.

Comment Re:Guide for Pokemon go (Score 1) 57

I did once (July) install an app with that name, but there are many with the same name on the Play store. I uninstalled it the next day because it was crap. Screenshots look familiar, but I'm not sure.

At least I don't see any suspicious files with setuid permissions, but then: /system/xbin/su is also mode rwx. I guess I'll reflash my ROM (CM13) this weekend, just to be sure...

Comment Re:Absurd fear (Score 1) 115

if I could buy a macbook pro line with a few more ports I absolutely would.

That is one thing I have to admit; Apple is lessening the choice. There's the MacBook Pro line, but it's for everyone. There isn't a "real pro" line with more ports.

While I personally have done customer facing presentations with my laptop; many of my peers who don't do that much still do presentations internally to business units, at meetings, etc. Would we all pay $10 more and put up with our laptop being 2mm thicker for a gigabit port, another USB port, and another video port type? Hell yeah. And 9$ of that 10 would still be profit for apple.

I've seen IT-support tie-wrap an adapter to the beamer connector. But yes, if you're regularly off-site, it's annoying as hell. I disagree with there being a lot of people wanting a 2mm thicker laptop, but that's really a personal opinion. The strange thing is, that the first MacBook Air had a clever small port for ethernet connectors and it never came back. But it's definitely possible. Perhaps it was too fragile, too costly or their stats show that hardly anyone used them?

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 203

When rumoursite.com publishes a slightly negative rumour of an upcoming Apple product, everyone is like "Apple are such visionaries, removing buttons and speakers are such brilliance and wow, I'm going to cream myself over this for months".

You must have missed the headphone jack palava where the internet went on a near meltdown over the completely unsubstantiated and unconfirmed rumour that Apple were going to drop the headphone jack.

If iPhone 7 comes with a headphone jack, then several hundred of megabytes of wailing and screeching will have been written for absolutely no point.

Comment Annoyances (Score 1) 95

My two biggest complaints about Facebook is that I cannot get my stories ordered by time to be remembered and that it insists on telling me when a friend of mine does something to one of their friends - who, in the majority of cases, I don't know and don't care about.

News in my feed is pretty low down my list of gripes.

Comment Re:Absurd fear (Score 1) 115

I don't get this; why care about the amount of ports?

The only place where you need any amount of ports, is at a desk right? So I assume you have a desk with a non-bluetooth keyboard, mouse, printer, TimeMachine harddrive, maybe an iPad, monitor, etc. Then the only thing you need is a USB hub. You put the Macbook on the desk, connect power, USB and displayport, and you're done.

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