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Comment Re:are you kidding? (Score 1) 374

Except you can't just buy stocks, someone has to be willing to sell them - and if word got out that Apple was trying to buy out Nokia to get rid of the patent trouble Nokia shares would explode - and Apple would be in big problems with international trade organizations since that move would imply they think they are in trouble.

If Apple where to lose patent cases in US and/or EU they might have money right now, but that would go bad real fast.

Disclaimer: I'm a HTC fanboi.

Comment Re:I recommend ... (Score 1) 687

If the vice-principal does not know anything about electronics then he should bring in one of his colleagues who does. If none of the teaching staff know anything about electronics (though surely at least one of the science or technology teachers will) the school lab technician(s) almost certainly will as they need that knowledge to do their job. Then let the staff member examine the device and see if it matches the description/explanation/functionality described by the student.

Comment Re:please stop trying to turn Linux into OS X (Score 1) 487

So when you buy a game for Linux, or install a closed source binary, there's a magic "package manager" that works every time?

Yes. The vendor's repository gets added to your repository list. Think App Store for the desktop, only better and without Apple's insidious control.

Drag the application into the Applications Folder. To uninstall, reverse the process. Why must you complicate things?

Why don't you ask all the companies (including Apple) that make you go through a wizard and install crap all over the system why they do it.

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