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Comment Re:It's because voice apps suck. (Score 1) 92

I use Siri for this sort of thing regularly - and in my experience it works pretty well.

The real problem with voice interfaces, though, is there are very few tasks where using a voice interface is actually faster than just punching it in with your fingers. For me, at least, it's a pretty short list:

- Setting alarms
- Setting reminders
- Playing a specific song or a specific album

There's one other area where Siri could be theoretically useful - responding to messages while driving. However in my experience Siri has trouble with interpreting words over road noise (likely because I am, in fact, driving a 93 Escort Wagon - not exactly a high-end car). Fortunately I take transit most of the time, so this isn't an issue... and if I am driving, most of the time I choose to ignore messages.

Comment Can anyone point me to the previous list? (Score 4, Interesting) 92

I read TFA because I was curious to see what the FSF felt they'd accomplished in the last twelve years; but, alas, there's no mention of the list's former contents.

I have trouble believing a group which has been unable to get a working Hurd released sometime during the past three decades is capable of accomplishing any of their stated "high priority" goals.

I don't mean to discount their philosophical importance; but really I think that's pretty much the sum total of their impact.

Comment Re:Wondering how it will compare to the real thing (Score 1) 92

There is ALWAYS the option of bailing out halfway. Yes, sure, it's forbidden and so, but the option is there.

Simple no-cost solution - spread a rumor that the dome is a secret base for a Clinton-associated child pornography ring. But be sure to mention it's highly booby-trapped, so the nutters will wait outside instead of trying to enter.

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