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Comment Re:My favorite one is gaffer (Score 1) 171

I knew about "gaffer's tape", so I always assumed gaffer was involved with setting up and tearing down sets - but It turns out he's the lead electrician for the production.

Actually the grip and best boy also are involved with lighting... I guess it's not surprising there are so many people involved with lighting on a movie or TV set. But the names are fascinating.

Comment Actually, they're still selling the previous one (Score 1) 176

You have to scroll to the bottom of their "MacBook Pro" page, click on the lower-end 13" laptop (e.g. the one this submission is talking about), and then scroll down again... but Apple is still listing and selling the previous version, complete with MagSafe, two full-size USB 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, and an SD card slot. The base price ($1299) has a 128GB drive, but you can configure it with more storage.

Comment Re:Touchbar is an awesome solution (Score 2) 339

That was one seriously weird thing about that part of the demo. Autocomplete suggestions down in the new touchbar? Do they think users are staring at the keyboard as they type rather than at the screen?

Of course people like Ive and Cook, who designed and approved this move, almost certainly don't do much of their own typing. But it seems like a breathtakingly brain-dead idea from a company that used to obsess over the end user experience.

Comment Re: Less Space than a Nomad. (Score 4, Funny) 339

What a complete joke for something that has Pro in the name.

Don't worry, that'll be changing next summer when they bring their product names into line - like they did with their OS offerings this past summer.

iPhone will become Apple Phone.
iPad will become Apple Pad.
MacBook Pro will become Apple Laptop.

Looking further out... they'll probably consolidate their naming scheme further to be consistent with what they did with their retail outlets.

Apple Phone will become Apple.
Apple Pad will become Apple.
Apple Laptop will become Apple.

And you, the Apple Customer, will also become Apple.

So Apple will take your Apple to the Apple to be repaired, er, reAppled. It's like the Smurfs, but with Apples!

Comment Confirmation bias, of a sort (Score 1) 339

Today's announcements confirmed to me that I made the right choice getting a refurbished 2015 MacBook Pro this past spring. Not only do I have all the ports Apple chose to remove from this new laptop*, I don't have to put up with the inevitable problems that occur with the first generation of any Apple product where they've made some major hardware changes.

As far as the processor generation goes... it's probably been six or seven years since the CPU has been even a marginally limiting factor with anything I do.

* Seriously, Apple - you couldn't fit an SD card slot in there? And why not keep at least one full-size USB 3.0 port? Plus I actually like MagSafe.

Comment Delta also provided some customer quotes (Score 4, Funny) 73

Delta's new luggage ticking system is made possible by Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Said one customer - "I love the Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft. Every second counts and having Microsoft Surface technology in airports allows passengers and airline staff to analyze the location of luggage in almost real time."

Comment Missing option (Score 3) 328

Based on conversations with numerous people, there should be a "holding my nose and voting for..." option when it comes to both of the major party candidates.

My sister, who is very conservative, has said she is holding her nose while voting for Trump. My mom, who is very conservative, is choosing to not vote. Several of my coworkers are holding their nose and voting for Clinton.

I am sure there are people who really, truly like Clinton or who really, truly like Trump... but I've yet to meet them personally.

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