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Comment Obama is right (Score 0) 173

He needs to tread a careful line - as sitting president, waiting for the results of the FBI investigation is the right thing to do.

I've railed against Trump here on more than one occasion. I think he'll be a disaster as president. But what the Democrats are REALLY upset about here is Hillary and her people are doing their damnedest to lose this election. There are numerous things to dislike about Clinton, and she seems hellbent on repeatedly bringing those things to the fore.

Comment A couple significant problems (Score 3, Informative) 210

- The two groups both received counseling only for the first six months. After that, one group continued to receive monthly counseling, while the other just used a "fitness device". The way the summary (and the linked story) are written seemingly implies both groups were receiving counseling the entire time, which is false.

- The device used in this study sounds like something the researchers cobbled together. The researchers also "made a web site" where participants could review the data from the device. This does not really seem comparable to even fairly cheap modern fitness trackers, where feedback and data are easily obtained anytime the user wants. These guys really should have used brand name off the shelf commercial trackers if they really wanted to validate their conclusions.

All in all, this study seems to have some significant problems.

Comment We need to cut Samsung some slack here (Score 5, Funny) 117

The problem is that according to Google's Android Compatibility Definition Document, a set of guidelines that Google imposes on every OEM that opts for Google Mobile Services-enabled Android aren't supposed to tinker with things like battery icon.

I agree that, under normal circumstances, Samsung should get dinged for something like this. But the problem is Samsung's copy of this document got destroyed in a fire.

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