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Comment Re:How much is that weight in elephants? (Score 1) 169

Worst article ever? What next? Some lazy ass complains that he can not understand numbers in clock?

"The United States notwithstanding, most of the rest of the world has sensibly moved on to measurements based on factors of ten - centimeters, kilograms, and so on. But for some bizarre reason, people worldwide stubbornly refuse to move to a decimal time system. What the heck does 11:15pm mean, anyway? And noon - when in the world is that? I can't understand any of it. Why anyone insists on sticking with such an obtuse, arcane, and difficult-to-master system of time measurement is beyond my comprehension."

Comment Gotta say it (Score 1) 355

RAID shouldn't be considered a backup.

It's old school and sub-optimal, but I still handle our personal backups the simple way - a big backup disk at home, and another big backup disk I keep in a locked drawer at my office and bring home every few months. Our computers are Macs, so we use Time Machine to do the backups. Our media "server" is backed up to those same disks, but with an rsync script.

I keep thinking I should probably start paying for an encrypted cloud-based backup solution... I haven't done anything about it though. (I know you can host your own, but running that sort of server at my office would be frowned upon).

Comment Re:100 Arrested? (Score 3, Interesting) 85

Can you Provide legitimate reasons a person should be able to get multiple drivers licenses?

I don't have a problem with this specific situation - in isolation. I do, however, see a huge (and inevitable) problem with overreach and abuse, since the powers that be will obviously see this as "useful" data not being mined to its full potential. Doesn't New York have surveillance cameras all over the bloody place - including wifi hotspots?

Comment There are dditional, subtle changes to the form (Score 1) 219

The U.S. Government has rather quietly introduced some subtle language changes in certain questions, designed to help identify possible terrorists.

Q: How long will you be staying in the Great Satan?

Q: What is the primary purpose of your visit (pick one)?
- Vacation / Pleasure
- Work / Business
- Slaughtering infidels

Q: How fast can you disassemble and reassemble an AK-47?

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