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Comment Re:Let's get C99 right first (Score 2) 378

The BIOS is allowed to patch the cpu microcode. applications are not. Allowing an application to patch the cpu microcode would be a security flaw. icc does not emit microcode. Maybe you mean to say it can do microcode-aware instruction scheduling.

Comment thanks (Score 1) 1521

Wow, I read slashdot from the beginning. I remember the days before user IDs when "anonymous Coward" was an actual person, not a meme, and BoReD At WoRK used to post comments. When a reverse DNS lookup on slashdot lead you to

I resisted the user ID stuff when the site's geek quotient started to go down, and newbies diluted things, but finally signed up when I just HAD to comment on some story or other. The site never lost it's geek cred even when 6 digit UIDs started to be the norm, so hopefully it will continue to be relevant and true in spirit to the old site. But even so it won't be the same without you!

Thanks Rob, and best of luck!

Comment slashdot poster stupidity record shattered (Score 1) 2058

I've been on Slashdot for what 15ish years now... before there were user IDs.. anyway

I've always hated the supposedly free market capitalism anti-government crap espoused by the supposedly enlightened intellectual libertarians who hand around the "open source" movement. But this is the worst I have ever seen, and it proves they are not intellectuals, they are rabid dogmatists.

The fire department DOES need to get paid for fighting fires, and when a non-insured home is on fire the "putting out an actual fire" service fee will need to be much higher than the "putting out a hypothetical fire" insurance fee. But the service fee can be paid OUT OF POCKET, or by putting a LIEN on the house. The cost to put the fire out was WAY less than the value of the home, and refusing to put it out ends up being a net destruction of wealth (not to mention the lives of the pets inside).

At this point the worst libertards say "well they didn't pay the insurance, so tough", and it completely escapes their consideration that MAYBE just MAYBE the fire department could have charged them $5000 or $10000 to put out the fire. An intellectual would see that alternate payment system as a good and just possibility, but a dogmatist doesn't need to think that hard because they already have all the answers.

Any economic system that fails to protect wealth and watches it burn away will lead to a society with LESS WEALTH. The fire department may have saved $1000 by not putting out the fire, but the society lost 200 times that when the home and its contents were consumed. If you don't have enough brains to improve upon that result, even within the libertarian worldview then you are an idiot, not a legitimate intellectual that people should bother listening to.

Comment Re:Alright! (Score 1) 485

um yeah except the WHITE firefighters were the ones suing, after the CITY decided to throw out the results of the exam, and IIRC she was following precedent that the supreme court later reversed itself on........ so how did the supreme court reversing its own precedent become her fault? Oh yeah race-baiting fox news.

Hardware Hacking

Grad Student Invents Cheap Laser Cutter 137

An anonymous reader writes "Peter Jansen, a PhD student and member of the RepRap community, has constructed a working prototype of an inexpensive table-top laser cutter built out of old CD/DVD drives as an offshoot of his efforts to design an under $200 open-source Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printer. Where traditional laser cutters use powerful, fixed-focus beams, this new technique dynamically adjusts the focal point of the laser using a reciprocating motion similar to a reciprocating saw, allowing a far less powerful and inexpensive laser diode to be used. The technique is currently limited to cutting black materials to a depth of only a few millimeters, but should still be useful and enabling for Makers and other crafters. The end-goal is to create a hybrid inexpensive 3D printer that can be easily reconfigured for 2D laser cutting, providing powerful making tools to the desktop."

Possible Treatment For Ebola 157

RedEaredSlider writes "Researchers at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases have found a class of drugs that could provide treatment for Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fever. The new drugs are called 'antisense' compounds, and they allow the immune system to attack the viruses before they can do enough damage to kill the patient. Travis Warren, research scientist at USAMRIID, said while the work is still preliminary -— the drugs have been tested only on primates — the results are so far promising. In the case of Ebola, five of eight monkeys infected with the virus lived, and with Marburg, all survived. The drugs were developed as part of a program to deal with possible bioterrorist threats, in partnership with AVI Biopharma."

Medieval Copy Protection 226

An anonymous reader writes "In medieval times a 'book curse' was often included on the inside cover or on the last leaf of a manuscripts, warning away anyone who might do the book some harm. Here's a particularly pretty one from Yale's Beinecke MS 214: 'In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. In the one thousand two hundred twenty-ninth year from the incarnation of our Lord, Peter, of all monks the least significant, gave this book to the [Benedictine monastery of the] most blessed martyr, St. Quentin. If anyone should steal it, let him know that on the Day of Judgment the most sainted martyr himself will be the accuser against him before the face of our Lord Jesus Christ.'"

Ray Kurzweil Responds To PZ Myers 238

On Tuesday we discussed a scathing critique of Ray Kurzweil's understanding of the brain written by PZ Myers. Reader Amara notes that Kurzweil has now responded on his blog. Quoting: "Myers, who apparently based his second-hand comments on erroneous press reports (he wasn't at my talk), [claims] that my thesis is that we will reverse-engineer the brain from the genome. This is not at all what I said in my presentation to the Singularity Summit. I explicitly said that our quest to understand the principles of operation of the brain is based on many types of studies — from detailed molecular studies of individual neurons, to scans of neural connection patterns, to studies of the function of neural clusters, and many other approaches. I did not present studying the genome as even part of the strategy for reverse-engineering the brain."

Prince Says Internet Is Over 450

the_arrow writes "According to the artist currently known as Prince, 'The internet's completely over.' At least that what he says in an interview with the British newspaper Mirror. Quoting Prince: 'The internet's like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you.'"
United Kingdom

Boy Builds Wall-Climbing Machine Using Recycled Vacuums 96

Joe McIntosh writes "Hibiki Kono just might be a boy genius. The 13-year-old decided he wanted to climb vertical surfaces like his hero, Spiderman. So, he used two 1,400-watt recycled vacuum cleaners and a little bit of elbow grease to make a machine that allows him to scale walls. Kono has been scaling the walls of his UK school and has told the media that he hopes his invention will help window washers eliminate clumsy ladders from their daily routine."

Comment Re:This is the Sound of (Score 1) 815

There may be additional hacks you need. Specifically comment out the lines in soundon or whatever they called it that uninstalls the alsa drivers, or you'll have to re-install the kernel after it deletes them. And be aware you may have to strangle udev to get it to STOP LOADING THE GODDAMN ALSA DRIVERS FIRST.

Comment Re:This is the Sound of (Score 2, Informative) 815

Actually I have oss4 for hdaudio, and alsa for usb audio working together on debian. It is was a royal bitch tho. I run this script instead of oss soundon/soundoff

set -x

if [ ! -d /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/oss ]
                mv /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/oss /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/oss
                depmod -a

rmmod oss_hdaudio
rmmod osscore
modprobe osscore vmix_loopdevs=1 &&
sleep 1 &&
modprobe oss_hdaudio &&
sleep 1 && /usr/sbin/ossdetect -d &&
sleep 1 &&
sh /usr/lib/oss/etc/legacy_devices &&
sleep 1 && /usr/sbin/ossdevlinks -v
sleep 1 && /usr/sbin/savemixer -L -v
sleep 1 &&
modprobe snd_usb_audio

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