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Comment Re:Has anyone considered... (Score 1) 185

I'm not sure if someone who plays Casual Game is always a casual gamer. My uncle (Who must be in his 60s.) is obsessed/addicted to Bejeweled. At every family get together he is talking about his high scores and how he can beat his wife's ass (at bejeweled.) He may be playing a "Casual Game.", but I would not describe him as a casual gamer.

Comment Re:Lower-wattage bulbs (Score 2, Insightful) 391

Let me just summarize the parent for you. 1. Generalized statements about a population without any studies indicating a statistical or causal relationship to back them up. 2. Anecdotal example of a one scenario that backs up his generalized statement without any studies cited that provide a statistical or causal relationship to back it up. 3. Expression of an opinion as a fact followed by a combined statement of opinion as fact followed by another generalized statement without any study cited to back it up. Now my opinion. I think that if we are going to have a debate on the benefits of a particular point of view, we should be sure that we express the WHY and HOW of our opinions by providing a cited source of actual research that follows the scientific method for determining results. Gut reactions to anecdotal examples does not a well-informed opinion make. Insightful, my ass.

Comment Re:I for one (Score 0, Troll) 265

Yes for want of a loss you are. But as our presence in this forum indicates we place our attention to that which makes our interest. Santa Cruz may be a distant location from where we stand, but their operation is within the context of the software we employ. Should the subject be changed to more enjoyable matters perhaps we could pontificate about that delicious beverage that the Tranya is. Whether ranting about the uniformity of goodness of our desired software framework or perpetuating the consults of the monopolistic vendor, Tranya is ever present in its ability to provide delicious refreshment.

Comment Litigating. (Score 0, Offtopic) 213

We all desire to have the multimedia data streams flow through our entertainment devices. From tither and yon, we coalesce the elements to build complete edited fabrications of the initial entertainment distribution. We consume voraciously the images and waveforms and hunger for even more largess, compiling and building large storage complexes. Until one spills the Tranya onto the devices rendering them non-functional. We cry and feel saddened by our loss, but the Tranya is still there to comfort us in our hour of need.

Comment The Tranya. It Burns! (Score 1) 586

No holiday celebration is complete without the delicious liquid refreshment that the Tranya is. So many have fallen to its aromatic and tasty charms. Yes, we do relish it quite a bit. Its not just for star ship attacks, it is a delightful quenching of any celebratory thirst. Once you have partaken of the Tranya, you will understand. That citrusy belch inducing liquid cannot be beat. The Tranya, it burns!

Comment Unadultered Alterations (Score 5, Funny) 622

The alterations of of images transposed from within the confines of allocated semiconductor memory is a travesty of trustworthiness that makes on think of the simpler days of the chemical process for capturing images and storage on layered flexible devices. Those recollections also recoup melancholy days of sipping the Tranya amidst the family on late autumn holidays. One weeps for what this has become.

Comment Re:Justifications (Score 1) 278

A legislative doctrine to remedy the insufficient penality of perusing communication records may be the change we need, but as our undergarments may get soiled for lack of replacement so will our government forensic investigators. So lets all sip some Tranya and celebrate the coming of a new age in legal manifestations that bring about restrictive circumstances endangering our ability to perceive what is a new reality.

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