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Comment Re:Classic consoles? (Score 1) 185

utter lack of left-handed controllers

No kidding. This has annoyed me for years. I bought Battlefield: Bad Company for my PS3 only to find out the game didn't have an option for southpaw mode...nor does Oblivion, or inFamous, or Bioshock. I finally modded an old sixaxis to use the opposite stick's if I could only figure out how to swap out the action buttons and the d-pad.

Comment Re:Only for casual gamers (Score 2, Interesting) 275

I can relate to that. Even though I consider myself a hardcore gamer, I really only enjoy putting in massive amounts of work in certain games (e.g. Super Stardust HD). When I play a game I'm looking for one of two things depending on my mood; when I'm worn out after a long day at work and I just want to relax, I'll throw in Burnout Paradise and just drive fast, but on weekends when I have more time, I will spend hours playing Killzone 2 or trying to get 100% on Metroid Prime 3. Of course, the game still has to be fun. If a game isn't fun it doesn't matter how hard or easy it is, I'm not going to play it. That's why I think that having a "demo mode" is a good idea (at least for Nintendo) because if you want to experience the challenge (if that's what makes the game fun for you) then you can. On the other hand, if you just want to relax and enjoy the game world you can do that as well.

Comment Re:Why does the law punish attempts at all? (Score 1) 768

I'm not sure I agree with your example. Starting to download something is more akin to seeing a pile of money on a table picking it up and starting to walk out of the room only to discover that it is government property and putting it back. If a government official walks into the room right after you start to walk out with the money he can make a pretty good case that you were attempting to steal it. Like they say, "ignorance of the law is no excuse".

I'm not saying that I agree with the proposed law but if it is put into effect you had better find out if something is under copyright before you start downloading it.

Submission + - Italy village gets 'sun mirror'

Gre7g writes: "A sun-deprived village in the Italian Alps has come up with a novel solution to fix the problem — by installing a giant mirror.

The mirror — an eight-by-five metre (26x16ft) sheet of steel — was placed on a nearby peak to reflect sunlight onto Viganella's main square below.

The computer-operated mirror will now be constantly following the sun's path."

Submission + - Rare Semi-Identical Twins Discovered

daftna writes: Twins can be identical, fraternal and apparently semi-identical, scientists now report.

Researchers discovered twins who are identical on their mom's side of the equation but share only half their genes from dad.

Here's how it happened: Two sperm cells fertilized one egg — an event assumed to be very rare — then split into two embryos.

Submission + - Atom-thick carbon transistor could succeed silicon

Matthew Sparkes writes: "Transistors more than four times smaller than the tiniest silicon ones — and potentially more efficient — can be made using sheets of carbon just one-tenth of a nanometre thick. The transistors are made of graphene, a sheet of carbon atoms in a flat honeycomb arrangement. Graphene makes graphite when stacked in layers, and carbon nanotubes when rolled into a tube. "This new material has properties that suggest it could have a range of powerful applications.""

Submission + - P2P trojan threatens to "kill you," delete

soulxtc writes: "Instead of the proverbial "gotcha letter" via your ISP, a mysterious copyright holder has created a trojan that overwrites all of their program, music, and system files with popular comic book character images warning them not to use P2P or it will "kill them." Have Japanese copyright-holders in fact gone "nuclear" in their fight? It will most certainly only backfire as parents have to soon start consoling their children about how their favorite comic book character is dancing on their PC screen deleting all of their kids files and threatening to "kill them" or "turn them in to the police.""
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Virtual Reality Game Ties Depression To Brain Area

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists are using a virtual-reality, three-dimensional video game that challenges spatial memory as a new tool for assessing the link between depression and the hippocampus, the brain's memory hub, Science Daily reports. Spatial memory is the memory of how things are oriented in space and how to get to them. Researchers found that depressed people performed poorly on the video game compared with nondepressed people, suggesting that their hippocampi were not working properly.

Submission + - Wired News discusses gaming of Digg

indraneil writes: "Wired is running an article on how Annalee Newitz created a spurious blog and posted a story on the same at Digg.
She then hired a Digg-gaming service called User/Submitter and paid them $450 to digg the article up.She explains how you can buy a Digg vote (for $1 per vote) from User/Submitter which hires people to digg up your story (and pays them $0.5 per vote).After a few rigged vites, she ended up getting votes from people who did not get paid, and soon her story had been awarded the "became popular" tag and had 121 diggs.
She explained the phenomenon thus:
"There's a perverse incentive here: Diggers who vote early on stories that become wildly popular become more "reputable" in the Digg system. If you're trying to move up the Digg ranks, it's in your best interest to vote on anything that looks like it's gaining popularity. And my blog, with its flurry of paid votes, fit the pattern." While the story did eventually get buried, the article raises questions on whether someone can game sites like Digg to rise up the search engine ranks or even gain otherwise from ad revenues.
Diggers are themselves arguing it out here."

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