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Comment Re: how can you not play an audio file? (Score 5, Informative) 440

You have no idea what you are talking about


But a 30 IPS properly aligned Studer multitrack will have frequency response up through 80Khz and dynamic range greater than what can realistically be achieved on most DAWs

A DAW at 88.2k samples and 24 bits can record up to 44khz, well above the ceiling of human hearing (20khz) with a dynamic range of 144 decibels (the difference between more-or-less absolute silence and putting your ear next to a 747's jet engine, which would kill you). You can purchase a converter capable of recording at this bitrate/depth for $500. I think the grandparent seems to know what they are talking about.

Now you can say that you might only get a bit depth of 20 reasonably out of a $500 converter but even if it's only 16 bits (an audio cd) you still have 96 db of dynamic range. Analog tape using Dolby-A noise reduction can have a dynamic range of around 80-90 decibels, at very best 6 decibels less than a mere CD (or even MP3!).

$250,000 is a LOT of money to spend in the audio production world. Personally I would much rather spend that on a huge mic locker, top of the line preamps, acoustic treatment etc. Tape is a royal pain - back in the day there might be a room full of people just to operate the tape decks. Now, I can plug my laptop in to my interface, launch pro tools and be up and running within a couple minutes without worrying about alignment, expensive analog tape etc.

magic is magic, though. If it helps your creative process then by all means, enjoy it! however, it seems clear now that digital is superior on a strictly technological basis

Comment Shortsighted (Score 1) 775

With a fossil fuel based car, you HAVE to burn those fossil fuels. With an electric car, you have a choice. This article seems a bit black-and-white to me when there are many shades of grey. Yes, cars take up a lot of space and have a host of other problems however improving one problem DOES help, even if it is only one piece of the puzzle.

Additionally, all of the subsidies the author writes about are a carrot for investing in the future. Sure, solar panels and cars and whatever other example may take fossil fuels to make now but 1. petroleum burning cars require fossil fuels to make as well and 2. if we are learning to build a machine to use an alternate energy source eventually that technology, when it is cheaper, will reach the manufacturing process.

It's like saying a computer uses more energy to print out a letter that you then need to mail via snail mail. We eventually realized we could bypass printing entirely. Clearly different batteries, charging processes, manufacturing processes etc would need to be and will be developed. While I appreciate calling attention to the defects in electric car manufacturing and quality this article lacks vision and cannot see the potential in the future.

Comment Re:Washington D.C. (Score 1) 577

once those electrons hit the wire, they mix in with all the other electrons, so you're actually using power from all the sources, dirty and clean(er), just paying extra for the privilege of bragging about it here.

not quite -- while the electrons are mixed together you get to choose who gets your money.

Comment Re:That bad huh? (Score 1) 313

I know a lesbian dolphin trainer that is quite fetching! To respond to the GP: Just because someone is online doesn't mean they aren't highly desirable. I met my highly intelligent, fun and hot girlfriend through okcupid and the chances of meeting her normally would have been slim to nil since at the time she rarely had time to go out due to school. After any type of introduction it's just two people and a relationship. Sure she might initially think you're awesome because Chuck Norris introduced her to you saying you are more badass than he is but eventually she will realize the truth.

Submission + - Mandatory spam from Google and Yahoo! 2

daftna writes: This week I received two emails, one from Google Adwords urging me to "Upgrading to enhanced campaigns" and one from Yahoo! regarding flickr saying "Smile. Everyone now gets a free Terabyte of space." When I scrolled to the bottom of the google email to unsubscribe, as I don't use adwords anymore I saw this: "You've received this mandatory service announcement email to update you about important changes to your AdWords account." I don't use Flickr either, and likewise when scrolling to the bottom I saw this: "This is a service email related to your use of Flickr" likewise with no unsubscribe link. This is disturbing, as it seems like both of these companies are pushing the boundaries of what it means to spam, and I have no way of opting out short of somehow disabling/deleting my accounts. Has anyone else noticed this trend?

Comment The big players (Score 2) 509

This small company doesn't seem to be any part of it, but the real problem is the extreme distaste directed toward companies like Electronic Arts. I feel good about paying for a game like yours, or the last game I bought, Firaxis's Civilization but if I buy something from Electronic Arts I feel like somehow I'm letting the man win. While Firaxis has a parent company (that has a parent company) the difference between them and EA is that they don't seem to buy up franchise after endless franchise ala Clear Channel, gut them of their valuable innards and then spit out crap. Maxis used to be a great company but doesn't seem to exist anymore other than in name and rights to the games, and that's really annoying. It seems like they have a chokehold on the industry with their aggressive acquisitions. I don't want to pay for games made by EA because I feel like I'm just fueling the acquisition machine to ruin more of the gaming industry. People pirate games all the time, but EA seems to pirate games too in a much bigger, badder way. I think this is a step in the right direction, and a funny and ironic idea. Hopefully your game sells well, but you might do better if you figured out an elegant way to let customers know that you aren't a part of the faceless gaming juggernaut.

Submission + - New "chemical internet" is able to compute chemical reactions

daftna writes: Living on Earth has a story about a chemist who has made software to map the almost infinite number of possible chemical reactions: "Imagine a huge network, but instead of computers connected by nodes, we have molecules connected by reactions. And this information has been created not by me ... but by every chemist that ever lived." The network is a sort of a chemical search engine that has a new way of analyzing chemistry and finding optimal synthetic pathways out of the trillions of possibilities one would normally have to find by trial and error. Instead, "What we can do, having all the collective knowledge ever created in chemistry [is] train the computer to extract certain patterns automatically and these patterns are then based not on our individual experience but on the experiences of everything that was used to train the computer — meaning every single reaction ever performed." He calls it "Chematica" and details of the system are published in the journal Angewandte Chemie

Submission + - New super-strong material, Aerographite, is ligher than air ( 1

daftna writes: "Scientists have developed a new material six times lighter than air that can support something 40,000 times its own weight. Researchers hope to exploit these properties to make light-weight batteries for electric cars. The key to its composition is a web of tiny carbon tubes but, surprisingly, that only makes up .01 percent of the material. The other 99.9 percent is air. And it turns out that there is a lot of potential for this surprisingly strong material which is electrically conductive and can withstand both compression and tension."

Submission + - Intel Santa Rosa laptops now available

frankie writes: "The usual suspects are reporting on Intel's latest Centrino chipset launch. Santa Rosa offers a faster system bus, 802.11n, flash-memory disk caching, X3100 integrated graphics, and a purported 15% longer battery life. The Centrino Pro brand also adds remote administration and virtualization improvements. Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other OEMs (but not Apple) announced Santa Rosa models at the same time."

Feed Chandra Sees Remarkable Eclipse Of Black Hole (

A remarkable eclipse of a supermassive black hole and the hot gas disk around it has been observed with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. This eclipse has allowed two key predictions about the effects of supermassive black holes to be tested.

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