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Comment EFF has it wrong (Score 1) 309

This is nonsense. There was a warrant, but the guy wanted the court to find that it was too broad. The warrant was for anyone who was a registered user at Playpen (the kiddie porn website in question). They didn't know it was his computer before they hacked it, they just knew it was the terminal used to log in to Playpen. He thought this was too broad.

From the court finding: "NIT warrant described the places to be searched - activating computers of users or administrators that logged into Playpen - and the things to be seized - the seven pieces of information obtained from those activating computers - with particularity."

The court finding states that this super broad warrant did not violate the 4th. Can we please discuss that?

Comment Re:Not quite illegal (Score 1) 226

True enough-- though typically, one does not have the option of flying outside of 'visual line of site' unless they have a real time camera/transmitter on the device and a portable receiver. I see them as very different sorts of beasts, but I didn't write the document...

I guess as long as you aren't selling the vids/photos, or selling tickets, it's all groovy.

Comment Not quite illegal (Score 1) 226

In the Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, ‘model aircraft’ are defined as, ‘an unmanned aircraft capable of sustained flight in the atmosphere, flown within visual line of sight, and flown for hobby or recreational purposes.’

So if you put a fly by wire camera on it, you should still have to register it.

Comment Re:Found the perfect way (Score 1) 164

The rule I like to follow for tattoos is this:

Did I want this tattoo 10 years ago, and do I want it now?

This prevents fads from ending up permanent on me, and gone to everyone else.
This also prevents undiscerning phases of development from being displayed to the world.

It should be noted that I currently do not have any tattoos, though I'm getting close to getting something rude tattooed onto my underarm for some unsuspecting medical examiner.

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