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Submission + - Sony pirates ureleased Michael Jackson song (

gustep12 writes: In a typical do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do manner, Sony Music Entertainment, looking to profit further off the late Michael Jackson, released a 1983 cassette tape they found in the pop musician's belongings as his "newest song". Unfortunately, it turned out that they had forgotten to get the copyright permission from the original song writer Paul Anka. Given the fact they they have probably pressed a few million CDs, I wonder what the consequences will be... ?

Submission + - Human Error Caused Florida Grid Outage (

gustep12 writes: An engineer was investigating a malfunctioning switch at one of the power company's substations in west Miami when he disabled two levels of protection for the system. Unexpectedly, a circuit shorted, making a loud noise and smoke that was reported as a fire. Normally, the protection system would have contained the consequences of the short circuit, but because both levels of protection had been removed, the problem cascaded to other parts of the system. Oops. Of course this isn't on the same scale, but disabling multiple levels of safety to run a test also was the cause of the Chernobyl disaster.

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