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Comment Re:According to the women (Score 0) 687

It's kinda hard for us men to grasp, but it goes like this ... They do complain that we men stare at them as if they are "sex object" ... As I say, the entire concept is not easy to grasp, especially by us, the male species ... But on the other hand they parade whatever God have giventh them in front of us, and then complaining when we start to salivating uncontrollably

I think it's acutally pretty simple, dude. The staring is only unwelcome if the woman finds the man unattractive. Everyone wants attention from those they find attractive.

Comment Re:Speaking as a VC wonk... (Score 1) 278

Compiling any >8 bit per character language is painful because of more complex string processing.

It's only truly painful if you've mistaken a group of 8 bits for a character and if you've got a poor string library. If you're struggling still, you're using the wrong language. (Now, supporting multiple languages and locales in a single program is more painful because there's so many ways things differ and so many ways to hard-code assumptions.)

I think the parent meant that it's more complicated for the compiler of the language, rather than the language itself.

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