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Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 1) 580

There doesn't seem to be any such spreadsheet. There is a spreadsheet listing donors and how much they donated, and there's another spreadsheet with the word "USPS" next to the name "David Shapira." Some pundits are trying to make a big deal out of that one, but David Shapira was nominated to the USPS board of governors last year, so... that seems far more likely to be the reason why that would show up next to his name. Anything else is just leaping to unfounded conclusions.

Comment What new features? (Score 1) 377

He says that they've started doing this by adding new features to Windows which are only available to software distributed through UWP. This is certainly in line with how Microsoft has operated in the past, but what are these new features which are so important to new games? I'm struggling to imagine anything other than DRM and social networking integration that MS can mess with too much before they just block third party software altogether.

Comment Re:idiots (Score 2) 189

Why do people keep trying to push Nintendo into the mobile world of awful freemium games and touchscreen-only controls? It's possible that they may end up there, as cell phones continue to devour other electronics, but this would represent a loss from the gamers' perspective, as another source of quality gaming dries up. It would also mean giving 30% of their revenue to Google/Apple. I can't see why Nintendo would be in any rush to do that, and I can't see why anyone else would want them to. (Other than Google and Apple...)

Comment Fans want Sonic to be different things (Score 0) 45

Sonic has the unattainable goal of pleasing a fanbase which is split into two incompatible camps: one camp mired in nostalgia, who wants the old 2D games, and one smart and handsome camp who recognizes that a game which is all about going fast needs to be able to show what's in front of you at a greater distance than a sidescrolling camera will allow.

This divide between the fans was made really obvious when Sonic Generations came out: "It's good," some reviewers said, "but I wish they didn't have to include those awesome and fun 3D bits. Still, the 2D portions make the game worthwhile." While other reviewers were more forward thinking: "It's good," those reviewers said, "but this shows pretty clearly why 3D Sonic works better than 2D Sonic - you can actually see what's in front of you. The 2D portions are still pretty fun, but 3D is obviously the right way to go."

Comment Re:Am I that out of touch? (Score 1) 381

The only one of those things which could effect an election is the abortion one. If he's a democratic candidate who votes against abortion, that puts him further towards the right - so it's a choice to possibly appeal to some on the right who are anti-Trump. Virginia is also a swing state, so that's another plus, although 538 says it only boosts her election chances by 0.7%.

The choice of vice prez only marginally effects the overall election odds, unless it's a really interesting choice like Palin, and this guy is in no way interesting. This gets an emphatic "meh" from me.

Comment Re:Raw milk faddist here (Score 2) 255

It was poorly phrased. Of course the amount of calcium in the milk remains the same, but over heated milk does seem to have reduced bioavailability of calcium. The above poster's claim of a 50% reduction between raw and pasteurized milks seems to be really high, but I can't find any numbers on that. Pasteurization does reduce B and C vitamins in milk by about 5%.

Comment Re:Consciousness is not the same thing as free wil (Score 1) 280

This is why I didn't want to use the jargon. I don't know, the Wikipedia article on determinism says that causality is a traditional method of reaching determinism but is not required. The article on fatalism says that determinism is strictly about causality. I am certainly more comfortable with the physics side of this than the philosophy side.

Looking for a more authoritative source, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has a lengthy article (which I haven't read) but puts in a conveniently quotable bit near the top:

Determinism: The world is governed by (or is under the sway of) determinism if and only if, given a specified way things are at a time t, the way things go thereafter is fixed as a matter of natural law.

That's annoying. It implies causality but doesn't actually require it, even though the article is specifically on Causal Determinism, which is distinct from just plain determinism. I'm sure it's explained somewhere in there, but you know what? I don't care. You can have at it if you want.

Comment Re:Consciousness is not the same thing as free wil (Score 1) 280

If determinism is true, then given a complete, perfect and accurate description of the universe at one time, and enough memory and time to compute upon it, you could model any future state of the universe from that.

That's causality. If you have perfect causality, and perfect knowledge of the present, then you can predict the future. That's not determinism. Causality is one way of getting to determinism, but it isn't a requirement.

Determinism is basically what I described before as inevitability, although I didn't want to use the jargon because it has connotations which I'm not wholly comfortable discussing.

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