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Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 2) 559

What you're describing is quid pro quo corruption. According to the supreme court, that is the only kind of corruption punishable by law and that decision has probably made it into some textbooks by now. There are other kinds of corruption mentioned in other textbooks, though they no longer have legal weight. For example: appointing an unqualified person to a position of power because that person's actions are likely to benefit you, even though those actions may not be best for the country.

Comment Re:Fake news? (Score 1) 407

Getting a little pedantic here: it doesn't really make much sense to assign the terms "right wing" or "left wing" to a government. Those terms are meant to express how a person or action or ideal relate to an existing government. Left is anti-establishment, Right is pro-establishment. Communism is put on the left because it was designed as a revolutionary concept - part and parcel of communism is the overthrow of existing structures of property and the power structures which go along with them. Likewise Fascism is on the right because it is all about supporting the state.

A communist government though, or a fascist government, is the thing that you relate to. It neither supports nor rebels against itself.

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 1) 359

Okay, first: my comment shows nothing about what I know on education funding - my comment was not about education funding, it was about the previous two comments.

Second: the manner in which taxes are collected is a paltry excuse. "Oh noes! This money was collected by the federal government, not by the state government, that's a whole different form. We couldn't possibly write a bill allocating this money for education like we do for highways or healthcare or foodstamps or housing or school breakfasts... guess we'll have to blow it on a war instead. Our hands are tied."

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 2) 359

This is a little bit of an aside, but the whole "liberal main stream media" thing basically started with Spiro Agnew - he calling them "nattering nabobs of negativism" and that hostile relationship has continued ever since. At the time, or maybe a little afterwards, this might have been true. The Nixon administration was corrupt as shit after all, and maybe the media really was out to get them because, again, they were corrupt as shit.

Of course, nowadays the right has the largest news network (Fox), the largest newspaper (The Wall Streel Journal), and completely dominates talk radio. The right-wing candidate, Trump, also got billions of dollars in free publicity in the last election. By this point though, it has proven to be very effective to play the victim when it comes to the media, so the line about "the main stream media" will continue until it becomes ineffective as a campaign tool.

Comment Re:What. The. Fuck. (Score 2) 555

going to dilute and cheapen any legitimate criticism of him because people switch off

I don't think this is accurate. I had that experience with all of the accusations surrounding Hillary, wild stuff like how she stole a bunch of furniture from the state department, or how she murdered the cat of one of her former aids, and I did as you said and just stopped paying attention. That doesn't seem to be how the majority of people handled it though. It seems as though the nonstop accusations did have a very significant impact on how people perceived her, though none of those things ever even got as far as a trial, let alone a conviction.

There's an old rule that if you repeat something often enough people will start to believe it, no matter what it is. Let me remind you that the difference between a religion, which we generally venerate, and a cult, which we generally denigrate, is only age - how long and how often beliefs have been repeated is what really matters.

Comment Re:Simple question on the science (Score 2) 235

Coral die-offs aren't about temperature (mostly), they're not about the greenhouse effect at all, they're a different consequence of having too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You can read the wiki on it here if you like, but the long and short is that a lot of marine life is very sensitive to the condition of the water, and the drop in ocean pH since the start of the industrial revolution has become an issue.

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