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Comment Re:Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 2) 392

You could have made an argument for nuclear ten years ago, but at this point it's just a bad investment. Solar has dropped by 92% since 2008 and is still going down. It's now only a little more expensive than nuclear, and has none of the huge upfront cost or multiple-decades commitment. Wind is cheaper than coal, nuclear, or anything else except for natural gas (basically tied with wind) and geothermal (cheapest option).

Comment Re:Almost identical architectures (Score 1) 132

I do not want reasons why developers might shun the Switch. I never asked for any such reasons. I have made no indication at any point that I was seeking these reasons.

This thread started with someone claiming that system architecture would be a barrier to porting between home consoles and the Switch, i pointed out that that really wasn't true and the rest of this conversation has just been fanboi garbage.

Also: your reasons are terrible. I mean, come on - you're citing zero userbase on a product which hasn't been released. There are some reasons why the Switch might not do well, but they're mostly about marketing. There are no technical barriers to its success.

Comment Re:Almost identical architectures (Score 1) 132

Yes, there are many what? You have not given any technical reasons why third parties wouldn't flock to this thing. Sure there are plenty of other potential pitfalls, I would never claim otherwise, but as you say: "3rd parties flocked to 3DS mostly because there's no other option around. Except in Japan, the only other portable system around is mobile." This remains true for the Switch.

Comment Re:Almost identical architectures (Score 1) 132

This is circular logic: "AAA products won't be designed for ARM because AAA products are not designed for ARM." The fact that it hasn't been done so far means squat, this is the first time that a major gaming console is... Actually, no it isn't the first time. There have been a ton of major gaming products designed for ARM - the DS, 3DS, and PS Vita are all ARM based.

Regardless, even if all that you care about is ports of other console games the fact that everyone is currently developing for ARM means that the tools for porting from x86 are already in place. Most major gaming engines support both: Unreal, Gamebryo, Blitztech, CryEngine, etc. Really, out of every generation of consoles to date, this seems like the one for which porting will be the easiest - support for porting between ARM and x86 is certainly at a much more mature state than porting between PowerPC (Xbox 360) and Cell (PS3), for example.

Comment Re:Almost identical architectures (Score 1) 132

Where did you get the idea that they were just competing with mobile? That doesn't make any sense.

I'm a little excited for the Switch for exactly the reason you hint at: I see this as maybe a chance to raise the bar on mobile gaming. Mobile games are, as you say, shit. If devs start porting over Switch games though, real games, it could perhaps help to pull mobile gaming out of that hole. At least to some degree.

Probably not. This may just be wishful thinking on my part, the interface is different between the Switch and mobile and that's really more important than architecture, but... Maybe? I hope.

Comment Re:Almost identical architectures (Score 0) 132

Switch is competing with the Xbox and PS, among other platforms. At this point there are basically two architectures for gaming: x86 on PC, Xbox, and PS, and ARM on Switch and mobile. Both are very big, very well established architectures with extensive development tools available - neither pose any significant obstacles for developers. Nintendo may have a small edge in this respect, since ARM is the big thing right now.

Nintendo has struggled with third parties in some cases in the past because of some difficulty with supporting their architecture and interface choices. Lack of third party support is certainly not a given with Nintendo, however. Let me remind you that they were masters of third party support in the 8 and 16 bit generations, and continue to completely dominate portable console gaming with no shortage of third party support.

Neither of these issues apply to the switch: completely standard architecture, and almost completely standard interface. There is no technical reason why third parties wouldn't flock to this thing.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 794

First of all, I'm not here to make a case for Gail Ruben's position. Arguing against it is meaningless in the context of this conversation.

Second, you're jumping to conclusions with the hormones thing. Hormones are not the only biological element which distinguishes the sexes, and while they have some influence on our motivations that doesn't translate directly to behaviors or expectations like machismo. Rather, machismo is a socially constructed mechanism to express some of the feelings which hormones may generate. I believe that Ruben's position was that linking these expectations to a person's sex was a falsehood since, e.g., women can also sometimes feel like acting macho.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 794

They are mutually exclusive in common language, which is the only place where the word "vegetable" is specifically talking about food. So claiming that they're not mutually exclusive would require mixing definitions between the technical jargon and common language. Or you could just say that all fruits are vegetables. But that's pretty pointless.

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