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Comment Re:Well, kinda... (Score 1) 433

They won't help for a programming job. I've hired programmers, and give absolutely no weight to someone who has done server maintenance. I've hired network admins, and give little to no weight to someone who has done VB or C#, without OS experience. In other words, the cert has to be relevant to the job. I'd love those certs for a network admin job.

Comment Re:I'd advise against, purely based on cost (Score 1) 239

You need to do a business case study. Figure out what your stuff will cost, and what you would need to charge if say 20% of the people signed up. The do some market research, ask "Would you pay X for high speed internet?" "What would you pay" etc. Think about what staff you need. Will people expect 24 hour support? What if you go on vacation? Do you need a legal team to deal with the feds executing a search warrant for log data? Lots of stuff to think about and plan on the business side.

Submission + - Cameras to watch cameras in Maryland (

Cornwallis writes: Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't watching the watchers who are watching you. Or something like that. I can't wait to see how far they extend this but police in Maryland are now putting up cameras to watch the cameras they've put up to watch us. Sure, they say it is to combat vandalism against the cameras but I'm sure somebody's brother owns a camera company...

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