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Comment Re:Trump honest? (Score 1) 280

Get it straight, Trump is not dishonest. To be dishonest he'd have to ascertain what is the truth. In Trump's case, he cannot lie because of three other personality traits, (1) he cannot recall what he said before, (2) what comes out of his mouth isn't something he's thought about, it merely exists ephemerally for the moment while he figures it can get him attention, (3) he picks up scraps of data (not information) like a dirty snowball rolling down a muddy hill. This is a man who thinks Championship Wrestling is a sport.

David Brooks nailed it in a column a few weeks ago, most presidents have policy analysis behind what they say because they do not want to walk it back later, and more importantly, it fits into a cohesive and coherent policy agenda they are very interested in pursuing. In Trump's case, he has no problem saying the exact opposite of what he said prior and no thought in what he says current. There is no policy agenda in the sense of a uniting collection of principles to achieve some end. His cabinet choices show that clearly. He's a perpetual adolescent in need of parental approval (substitute societal institutions) but constantly kicking them in the shins because he needs the attention he gets by doing it.

Comment Re:Running Linux on Windows is awesome? How so? (Score 1) 189

Linux folks generally don't get GUIs because that was never part of their education. Most are perfectly happy with a command line interface. GUI development is hard and requires a very different skill set. It is more of an art with a lot of touchy-feely air about it. And one person's GUI is another's bane if not done correctly. Consider allowing the command line interface to be lifted into a GUI. What are the paradigms that must be supported? How orthogonal are the features? How do modal interactions cloud the intent of the commands? Are there even commands?

Comment Re:Welcome Back to DrudgeDot! (Score 5, Insightful) 408

The Interstate System. NASA's trips to the planets. FDA keeping your food from killing you. SS keeping Grandma from moving in with you. NiH keeping research going on the diseases that might kill you. Need I continue or has your myopic stupidity completely clouded your vision?

Comment Re:They need better cyber (Score 3, Informative) 280

Remember when asked to describe what undisclosed information he knew, Trump said, "You'll find out on Tuesday or Wednesday." That was last week or the week before. We're still waiting. Maybe he's too busy watching for Hollywood slights to get back to us on that.

And there is this gem talking about the intelligence services, "I think it's unfair if they don't know," he said. "And I know a lot about hacking. And hacking is a very hard thing to prove."

The trick is to bang the rocks together, Trump.
(courtesy of Douglas Adams)

Comment U.S. political parties? (Score 1) 405

I wonder what this does to the political parties in the U.S. It would seem the Republican fare the worst, their view is that if you are poor, you should go find a job. The Democrats have a more share the wealth attitude of taking from the rich, it seems they'd fare better. The Libertarians become mostly unemployed and won't accept a handout, they're toast. The Greens? I guess it depends upon how green the bots are.

Comment Re:This is one type; others have less decline (Score 1) 130

Are you sure they are bumblebees? Digging holes is something I'd expect from hornets or wasps.

In late summer (although not last summer), I get yellow jackets digging holes in my yard. I used to think they were hornets but they are wasps. Anyhow, running over a nest hole with the lawn mower generally unleashes the Horde from Hell and they don't stop stinging until you more or less assicate the area and kill those that came along as you run for your life.

I found the cure. They like to sleep in in the early morning. So I go out with can of insecticide, any will do, and squirt some into the hole. Then I plug the hole with that foaming insulation in a can, stick the straw down in there and let'er rip. Sometimes they are able to dig themselves out but not generally. A second treatment seems to finish off any of the smart ones. Works like a charm. After they are gone, pluck off the foam potato generated by the insulation and throw it out. I generally leave them in until the leaves fall so I know what holes have been plugged and to check for any escapees.

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