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Comment Re:Dead End, no sir... (Score 3, Informative) 81

Currently, there are three methods for creating circuits using graphine. Smashing, spraying and now vapor grown. If the graphine is perfect and I mean, every carbon atom utilizing its four bonds to connect to another carbon atom, we get pretty close to super conductor. These sheets per the nature article are at ~280Ohms resistance. Once we have the ability to reliably "print" sheets with circuits, we come to the point of refining our circuits for each application and we can then get away from "central processing" for further imporovements. We have a long way to go with this technology but the future looks bright.

Submission + - Graphine sheets get easier to manufacture

grunaura writes: "South Korean researchers have devised a way to create graphine sheets one centimeter square using a hydrocarbon vapor on heated nickel. Touted as being more efficient than the current process where graphine sheets are pressed. Good technical data can be found in this Nature article.

Graphine is relatively new but not to Slashdot, this round of news highlighting the technology is focusing on the bendable nature of graphine sheets as opposed to the capacitive properties previously discussed here or memory applications discussed here. Astonishingly, these films are the closest we have come to super conductors at room temperature. Perhaps someday, when manufacturing technology for graphine is perfected we will see a dramatic drop in resistance across the material which is now touted at 280Ohms."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Google finance goes haywire

grunaura writes: My heart lept as my current portfolio on Google finance lept by nearly three thousand percent. GM, Fannie Mae, Ford are among the many that are reporting a huge spike in value while others are down nearly fivehundred percent. Chances are, this will effect the real world when weekend sales are processed on Monday. Did Google make someone angry? Rumor has it they terminated some key Google Finance employees. Currently, Googling for Google Finance shows no news in this major glitch.

Comment Travel and Computer Tech (Score 1) 386

Not all IT jobs require you to sit behind a desk. There are many IT jobs out there that require that you travel a great deal. Such is the case with most Communication Systems jobs, Military IT work and anykind of sales if you can swing it. I personally have been looking at the Polytechnico di Milano as I speak Italian and have a strong desire to move there permanantly. From my research so far, most classes are in English. Talking to a few friends, this school is considered the MIT of Europe. The only thing you have to foot is the bill which may not be near as much as our American schools would charge. This being on account of Italia's modified socialist government.

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