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Journal grub's Journal: Help me find this comment! 13

My geek-days become a little more complete when I read a funny slashdot comment.

Ages ago I recall a trollish comment about open source. The author wrote about making an open source leather jacket from scratch. It was a bit gruesome and ended with something like "I'll be leet!" I laughed like hell at the time and didn't save it (yep, I save a lot of funny /. stuff) It's bugged me for a looooong time. Slashdot's search engine is lacking for this and google wasn't much help.

My challenge to you, good Slashdotter, is help me find that post! I'll give a US$10 Amazon gift certificate to the first person who replies with a link to said post.

Certain words that stick out in my memory are "open source", "leather jacket", "decomposing", "leet (or l337)"
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Help me find this comment!

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  • Spent the last hour looking, no joy. If google cached the pages at -1 then it'd be easy, but since slashdot defaults to a threshhold of 1...

    Sorry. :(
  • Have you thought about asking one of the admins here to search for it? I'm quite sure they have more powerful filters and search techniques than I could dream of.
  • Here's one from Wired News [] that's about trying to "grow" a leather jacket from mouse and human cells.

    Probably the one you're looking for was satirical, but this is suitably gross even if it isn't all that funny.

  • "Ages ago" "bugged me for a looooong time"

    About 12 months ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago?

    "trollish comment"

    Do you recall the score of the post? (-1 Troll) (-1 Flamebait) (+1 Funny)
    • I'd guess between 2-3 years ago.
      I don't recall the score of the post, sorry.

      Pretty much all I can recall I've already given you.
      • After messing around with slashdot's search, I realized that it does not seem to support boolean "and." So a search for "leather jacket" turns up comments which contain either one but not both.

        I wrote a script that saved each of the 190 hits that slashdot's search gives for "leather." Looking in each of those for "jacket" gives 17 hits. (In essence doing a search for "leather AND jacket.")

        However, none of the 17 results seem to be what you wanted.

        1 2 []

        • Nope, sorry.

          I'm not sure if /. archives low scored posts, if this post was hammered down it may be gone forever. Maybe I should wimp out and ask Taco/whomever to have a peek. He could use the gift certificate to light a $50 cigar or wipe his butt. :)

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