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Comment Re:We need standards, good ones too. For Linux, to (Score 1) 558

As much as I like open source, I think that's a pretty bullshit argument. Most applications are not "following of basic standards that have been around forever (like POSIX)", and practically you will have much better luck if you find statically compiled binaries than some obscure source and spend a week just tracking down all the bug-for-bug compatible compiler versions, libraries, etc.

It's much easier to run a DOS 3 binary today then it is even to compile a simple C program something that includes


Facebook Master Password Was "Chuck Norris" 319

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "A Facebook employee has given a tell-all interview with some very interesting things about Facebook's internals. Especially interesting are all the things relating to Facebook privacy. Basically, you don't have any. Nearly everything you've ever done on the site is recorded into a database. While they fire employees for snooping, more than a few have done it. There's an internal system to let them log into anyone's profile, though they have to be able to defend their reason for doing so. And they used to have a master password that could log into any Facebook profile: 'Chuck Norris.' Bruce Schneier might be jealous of that one."

Comment Re:No Idea what the techspecs are on this but (Score 1) 898

This is not a reasonable argument. Nobody who has such an old CPU it doesn't support 64-bit has any business running Vista -- it will slower than a legless turtle stuck in a shoe(metric) and while Microsoft might stop selling Windows XP shortly, they certainly won't stop supporting it for quite a while. Microsoft should have not released 32-bit version of Vista.

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