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Comment Re:As a resident in Thompson School District (Score 1) 86

Yes, Brad Miller ( is part of the Neo-con fantasy team of school busting (which starts by going after the teachers), "reformers," that are a Colorado who's-who of wealthy, "business-people,": Steve Schuck, C. Edward McVaney, KEith King, Ralph Nagel, and Alex Cranberg, among others. Their idle hands have been directly involved in school district politics in Douglas, Colorado Springs (both District 11 and District 8), Jefferson, Greeley-Evans, Mesa Valley and Thompson school districts, working to elect and tear apart (while profiting) a district by financing candidates to do their bidding. All the while the oligarchs, DO NOT LIVE IN THOSE DISTRICTS. Miller has billed over $800,000 to JeffCo in the last 18 months for, "consulting," the board of education. Also, he owns Charter School Solutions, LLC, which, after he helps his cronies to destabilize a school district, he then swoops in, contract in hand, and profits by, "consulting," how to open, run and operate charter schools. These are old school business types, and they are only after money. Regardless of the political cloth they attempt to dress their positions in, it all comes down to how much they can profit for themselves and their associates.

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