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Comment Re:Alledged? sigh. /. slowly becoming a crank site (Score 1) 114

Because for about $100 cash I can bribe an official...

That was maybe 30 years ago. You need between 5 and 10 thousand now.. if you want a professional.. But hell, you can buy an American with that kind of money, and get better service..

Government is corrupt no matter where you are. Politicians are bought and sold like trinkets at the bizarre. The Mexicans just happened to be on the wrong end of the big stick. I hear they want to start locking you up for downloading movies and music.. Justice at its best, it seems

Comment Re:Police state (Score 1) 114

...but at least here we don't have to worry about having our heads chopped off or being raped by the police...

Deeper in the rabbit hole you go. And that list is very incomplete. Now, feel free to play your numbers game. It will be duly noted. Oh, and let's see what happens if you put up even the tiniest bit of resistance, no matter how justified.

2011, and the bigotry is as pervasive as ever. Hard to believe it's real

Comment Re:Alledged? sigh. /. slowly becoming a crank site (Score 2) 114

It's your broken culture that produces the violence seen here. Sure, we have some problems with violence, but nothing remotely like what's seen there.

*cough* Yeah, we know. You've off shored that too.

I don't believe I've ever seen anybody so swallowed up in the media trap. You are so high on the blue pill you literally don't see beyond your own skin. One thing you do show, your politicians are made in your image... Thank you for a most educational perspective. Pero huele muy feo el pedorro

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