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Comment Different profiles for different purposes (Score 1) 126

Both Firefox and Chrome have the concept of different profiles/users. If you need to separate your personal ad experience from your professional one, just split your browser in two with a different profile. This means all your plugins/cookies/history get loaded into a different sandbox all together. It can still be separately fingerprinted and tracked, but it does separate it.

Comment Congestion Intelligence? (Score 4, Insightful) 655

With the advent of self-driving vehicles, we also are embracing enhanced congestion avoidance. When we worry about an extra volume of vehicles on the roadways we must also take into account advanced congestion avoidance routing helping to mitigate that impact. I'm not suggesting that it's a non-issue, but we may not know the true effect for now. The real problems would come from inaccurate road mapping data causing poor route planning. Also, nobody looks forward to their suburb turned into a secondary thoroughfare that suddenly all the non-residents would use.

Comment History check (Score 1) 188

Take a look at how breathalyzers have pushed back significantly over the years that their implementations are "trade secrets" and therefore not subject to scruitany. It was only a few years ago when we finally got a look behind the curtain just to discover the devices wouldn't have passed most government agency standards including temporary code left in production, a failure to baseline properly, and only registering a problem with the device after 32 consecutive errors. Who here doesn't see history repeating itself?

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