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Comment MacPlus with SE mainboard and PC psu (Score 1) 251

had a MacPlus, wanted to add an Emachines BigPicture (17 inch screen).

I put in a Mac SE logicboard, a HD drive, and PC power supply, and a 200 megabyte harddisk. Attached a 17 inch Big Picture. The Mac hid partly behind the big screen , just poking out enough to provide acces to the floppy slot. Totally awesome combo!

Gaming was great too, since the slowly decaying phosphor made for smooth graphics.

Comment Brilliant scientist makes crap comment (Score 1) 106

In the article, Haohao Dong, another member of the UAE team, said: "Because new drugs will not need to enter the bacteria itself, we hope that the bacteria will not be able to develop drug resistance in future.".
BS! Evolution teaches us that a members of the species that mutates into a species with a more effective wall, it will have beter survival rates and thus will have developed a resistance to these new drugs. So while wonderful that a new type of drug has been found, the overuse of antibiotics still needs to be adressed, to lower the odds and thus the rate in which a more effective wall is developed by these bacteria.

Comment I would deploy a Domino cluster (Score 1) 333

I would deploy IBM Domino like in the days of Clinton, which Bush switched to Microsoft Exchange. Reliability went downhill with that decision.
Domino runs cheap and fast and reliable. And has always active clustering so you don't have to deal with downtime. IBM simply has a much longer track record of delivering reliable computing than Microsoft.

Comment Re:Interesting... (Score 1) 420

If I try to sound out the words my reading speed drops dramatically. Full-speed, I'm watching the movie. Which tends to make watching a movie based upon a book I've read hairraising. Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings turned out OK, as did Bladerunner. If you've already seen the movie as the writer intended it, it's a hell of a job to reinterpret that.

Re: remembering: that's because you are trying to remember the word. Try remembering what you just saw/heard/felt/experienced with your minds eye, I think you will recall a lot more!


Kepler Mission Could Detect Exomoons 64

Lord Northern writes "According to several news sources, NASA's Kepler mission is said to be able to detect habitable moons orbiting planets in other star systems. Kepler is a space telescope designed to detect exoplanets. Its mission will have it orbiting the Sun for 3.5 years, after which we'll be able to tell if any of our neighboring stars actually have planetary systems around them. However, apparently we will be able to detect not only exoplanets, but also exomoons orbiting those exoplanets. The Kepler team came to that conclusion after running a computer simulation which found that the telescope was sensitive enough to detect the gravitational pull of an orbiting moon (PDF). This means that the data expected by the end of the mission is going to be very rich, and it is said that moons as small as 0.2 times the mass of earth could be detected. Further details about the Kepler mission are available from NASA."

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