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Comment Babies out with the bathwater. (Score 1) 1097

So we are back here again, blame all Muslims and their belief system for the foolish actions of a minority. The fallacy of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Would it it be equally fair to say that atheism is the root cause of the nihilist actions of serial killers or those who go on a rampage, that their lack of a belief system facilitates horrific acts? Do we need to have a post on slashdot every time an atheist goes on a rampage? Handpick and skew their belief systems in such a way as to say, 'see, Atheism led to this!' Meanwhile, our foreign policy incinerates thousands of Muslims on a regular basis, whether they oppose the US policy or not. They are just statistics of course, not that these men, women and children's lives matter to any of us. We have very little posts about them in Slashdot (even though people like Snowden found these actions and appalling). Here is an interesting piece by a cartoonist who draws incendiary cartoons, but refuses to be part of the Hebdo orgy,

Comment Re:Don't hold your breath (Score 1) 494

Yes, Islamists are racially impure and incapable of being enlightened. That is why over a quarter of the world population are terrorists and backwards people with their thumbs up their asses. They should be more racially pure like our forward thinking societies that have no concept of misogyny, exploitation, and oppression. Sure, sometimes we have to shoot and gas the odd rebel in our society, but that is because they are racially impure. Why can't these lower people think and be more flawless like us?

Comment Away from US, close to Germany and the UK (Score 1) 153

The servers do not have to be in the US and they are close to enough to (some of) the five eyes to intercept communications anyway.Plus, the UK already do a 'full take' on all data, not just metadata. Whatever they say about 'not spying on the Irish' is not so. There has been enmity long enough in (and with) Ireland to make it a place of interest. The move is more symbolic than anything else. A better location would be Iceland. Again, it would be purely symbolic, but it does send a stronger statement. When I think Ireland, I think 'tax shelter'.

Comment Re:Does it run my apps? (Score 2) 172

Yeah, what can be done about this? The current GNU/Linux alternatives still have a catch up time of at least a decade in this field. Pixel editing is okay, vector editing is one of the success stories as well as digital photo development. But video is way off...If only one of these major companies can get a port to work on GNU/Linux...unless we can crowdfund openshot or some similar ilk to close the gap...

Comment Four Points (Score 3, Informative) 212

1) The NSA is aware of computer software vulnerabilities and exploits by other unscrupulous entities, yet they hoard this information rather share with the public (they are mandated to protect). Imagine how much safer American computers would be from say, phishing and ransomeware that affects even public institutions like schools should the NSA actually try to help them. 2) A lot of NSA espionage resources are dedicated to industrial espionage of foreign entities to maintain economic hegemony for a handful of corporate interests rather than American business at large. 3) Retroactive punishment. Web activity is stored and mined should future laws be broken to retroactively punish a populace or build profiles. For instance, someone takes part in a protest such as the occupy movement. That person's web life becomes an opportunity to search and find anything incriminating, no matter how trivial. 4) Mandated sharing of raw intelligence gathering with Israel, without reciprocity. Rather than empowerment, the NSA seems more of a repressive regime tool.

Comment What if you use alt social? (Score 3, Insightful) 394

I don't bother with facebook, twitter, linkedin et al because it does not serve my purposes. It is sort of like working a part time job and not getting paid for it. I don't see anything that productive coming out of it. Though, I am considering using alternatives like Quitter, Diaspora, among other GNU social alternatives. However, they do seem to require a lot of effort and am not sure I want to invest in my time that way. Things like Vimeo and Flickr make more sense (to me) as you can work on video and image stills and share with a community to get critiques on your work. As for employment, while some may not hire you if you don't do social media, people also lost their jobs because of social media. It is a sad commentary that people may not hire you because you don't have a bloody linkedin account. I've been spammed mercilessly by linkedin and recall a time they used to go through user contact lists on e-mail clients. (come to think of it, that is how they spam people...) I understand why linkedin does this, but it is also terrible etiquette.

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