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Submission + - Hands-on with Pixel Qi screens in full sunlight (

griffjon writes: "Side-by-side comparison of the OLPC's screen and an Acer with the new Pixel Qi screen installed, both of course sharing Mary Lou Jepsen's screen technology:

"The XO's dual mode screen still rules in terms of pixel resolution at 1200 x 900 vs. the Acer's 1024 x 600. It was amazing to see Windows 7, Amazon Kindle software, the New York Times web site and a QuickTime video in direct sunlight. Shades of gray and some color tints are visible. Besides the XOs and e-ink based Kindle ereaders, no other color screen device I own can be seen as clearly in sunlight. Not even the famed iPad. In the video, you can see that at a certain angle where line of sight and sun are aligned, the new Pixel Qi screen glows as if backlit!""


Submission + - Spreading Open Source in Schools: Sugar on a Stick (

griffjon writes: "Sugar on a Stick is the OLPC interface, updated by SugarLabs, to a bootable Fedora 11 that maintains changes on a USB stick. It can run on any computer (after rebooting) or in qemu. Kids got to test-drive Sugar on OLPCs and other networks at a school fair, which is an interesting way for OSS to get a foot in the door in schools where teachers send home MS Word assignments: "[My daughter] brought [her teacher] a USB stick with OOo and an offer on my part to assist in setting up the lab with free software; I didn't hear back, but I didn't hear about Word any more, either.""
Operating Systems

Submission + - First Thoughts on the OLPC Sugar/Linux Update (

griffjon writes: "With less flash but more substance, the latest update to the Sugar GUI for the One Laptop Per Child XO was released last week. Unlike the overwhelmingly flat and outright negative reviews of the Windows XP version for the laptop, gives Sugar 8.2.0 the thumbs-up: "Finally, the XO laptop really works! ...the user interface is much more intuitive. Or as one parent said 'I can use the XO now!'" Bonus: Instant suspend/resume is working."

Submission + - OLPC firmware update supports Windows ( 2

griffjon writes: "The latest firmware release for the OLPC XO is built to support Windows XP, but you won't be able to install any normal XP version, it's a specifically modified one for the XO. It's sad to see a potentially great platform start making changes to support XP, not to mention that XP is only continuing to survive beyond it's deadline thanks to the low-cost laptop market that Linux and the OLPC created"
The Internet

Submission + - Multilingual URLs (

griffjon writes: "The Washington Post is reporting that ICANN is testing out fully multilingual domain names (not just [non-western-language].com, but with TLDs translated into other scripts, fixing annoyances for non-English speaking audiences such as "speakers of Hebrew, Arabic and any other language written from right to left must type half of the URL in one direction and the other half — the .com, .net or .org postscript — the opposite way." Let's hope it goes better this time around; "Next week's experiments use the domain name "example.test" translated into 11 languages. A previous model, however, used "hippopotamus" instead of "test." These plans went awry when an Israeli registrar realized the Hebrew word ICANN thought meant "hippopotamus" was an expletive and threatened to involve the Israeli government.""

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