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Comment Re:Executive Branch sidestepping Legislative Branc (Score 1) 306

Actually the real definition of activist judge is: A judge who interprets the constitution in a way I don't particularly like.

Activist judge actually to me means.
Judge whom for what he perceives as a need decides to attempt to interpret the constitution in a way that solves a problem.
Once a judge goes from "What did they mean?" to "What could it mean?" he is an activist judge.
Me wanting the decision to go that way or not.

Comment Re:CEO is an employee (Score 1) 326

The CEO is generally an employee of the company. Do you really expect a board (most of whom also have degrees and are often CEOs of other companies) to hire someone without a degree to lead their company? Of course not.

So yes, CEOs will generally have degrees. The only time there is an exception is when the person founded the company, and built it themselves. And apparently in tech, there are only 3 of those left at the moment (gates, zuckerberg, ellison).

Ummm.... you might have heard of a couple of nerds from standford that started a web search company.... ? And yes, they did drop out of their Phd programs.

Comment Re:That's rich (Score 1) 148

MS currently licence 2,300 patents relating to H.264 for 2 cents per unit. Google/Motorola want $22.50 for the remaining 50 patents it holds, per unit

Microsoft have entered cross licence deals for non FRAND patents with Android manufacturers.

That’s right. Just 2 cents for use of more than 2,300 patents. (Windows qualifies for a volume discount, but no one has to pay more than 20 cents per unit.) Motorola is demanding that Microsoft pay more than 1,000 times that for use of just 50 patents. And that is for a $1,000 laptop. For a $2,000 laptop, Motorola is demanding double the royalty - $45. Windows is the same on both laptops, and so is the video support in Windows.

This is unjustifiable on Motorolas part

Astroturf much ? You might at least put in slightly more effort than simply copy and pasting from the microsoft written post... I mean, what are they paying you for after all ?

Comment Re:Evan, the best programmer evah (Score 1) 948

Ditto here. I may sound like an old geezer here but I'm noticing more and more of these "experts" boviating all over the net in recent years. They've usually been reading someone like Paul Graham or Joel whatshisname (incidentally, two reasonably accomplished people who nevertheless need to show a far greater tech-cred-to word-vomit ratio to be taken seriously by me). These people tend to have had the good fortune of working in one of the recently successful web/mobile app businesses (twitter, location-check-in apps etc.). These sites are usually successful not due to the awesome technical advancements they brought to the field but having the good fortune to have a web-site or whatever with the right feature set at the right time and sometimes even just the right name (prime example, twitter).

  How do I know this... haha I've worked in one of those companies (as a systems guy ... the *only* systems guy even) I know the average technical level of the guys hacking out php or javascript or whatever the trendy lingo of the day is. It's abysmal. Anything under these layers of software is a mystery to them. And yet.... sigh. These dudes just need to shut up and stop embarrassing themselves.


Euler's Partition Function Theory Finished 117

universegeek writes "Mathematician Ken Ono, from Emory, has solved a 250-year-old problem: how to exactly and explicitly generate partition numbers. Ono and colleagues were able to finally do this by realizing that the pattern of partition numbers is fractal (PDF). This pattern allowed them to find a finite, algebraic formula, which is like striking oil in mathematics."

Comment Re:I'm not interested in where these students go.. (Score -1, Troll) 436

I'm more interested in why U.S. citizens are consistently found unqualified. And why, in that scenario, we watch as citizens go jobless and even legal visa holders get those jobs.

Where I'm working, the workforce is changing from fairly well split between U.S. citizens and Indian nationals to a three way mix between citizens, Indians, and Asians. I'm not sure how that is happening. I also see various silos of technical work in many regions, on every continent except Africa and Antarctica. Every continent. Oh, with the notable exception of Europe, where it seems we do precious little development work. Hmm...

If I had to guess, I think current work allocations are favoring nations where the workers get little protection (Australia, for example has some interesting laws, while Chile doesn't) or the workers have already done the onshore shuffle and rotated back 'home'. Oh, and I dare not start asking about the visa status of some of these workers. It's a sensitive subject. Many will just get up and walk away.

It's frustrating to see what is clearly basic, everyday work going to visa holders when you know someone who is truly overqualified, but couldn't get past the first interview. As far as I can tell, pay is not the issue.

But I'm hypersensitive to this. I may be wrong about a lot if what I think, [...snip...]

Yes. You are.

Comment Re:if i have many gigs of data to copy over somewh (Score 4, Funny) 472

I would definitely not let a monkey like you get near my computers if some intense file copy was going on and they wanted to start doing other things while that was going on, sure you can do it but that does not make it a prudent thing to do, and the file may copy over just fine, and it may lose a few bits without even reporting any errors and that can happen on any OS, BSD, Linux, Winders & etc...etc...etc...

You sir, are a perfect specimen of a BOFH. You only have a dim notion of what actually goes on inside those mysterious boxes that are unfortunately left under your care. And yet, by some curious accident of nature, you've been entrusted with root passwords for said boxes. You use phrases like "intense file copy" like they mean anything. You place every idiotic restriction that you can think of on the users of said boxes (who, incidentally, are almost always smarter and more qualified than you in whatever field of work they're in) by using words like "prudent" and "safety"... or god forbid... "security". You actually think that because I run a second program along with your "intense" copy, it can result in loss of "a few bits without even reporting any errors" due to what ? The magical fairies that dance inside those little chips getting angry ? Tired ? Can you do everybody a favor and reduce the amount of utter nonsense emanating out of that tiny, befuddled brain ?

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