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Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score -1) 508

Well of course there is some "connection between climate change and CO2 emissions" but the question is: how much?

Do we just spend unlimited amounts of taxpayer dollars fighting something that may be natural and unfixable anyway or do we do what humans have always done and adapt?

We should spend trillions of dollars (while the worst polluting countries get a pass) combating unknown, possible bad events happening sometime in the future in some unknown locations? This is what's called mass delusion.

Comment Re:What happened to the 50 million climate refugee (Score 1) 331

They're never called on their (many) mistakes, shitty science and deplorable conduct towards climate realists. Too sexay of a story for the media to endlessly, unquestioningly repeat. There's too much government money involved and the climate is being used as a political weapon. Unlimited taxpayer funds buys tons of PR. Biggest. Scam. Ever.

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