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Submission + - Punny Name, Serious Distro (

Thinkcloud writes: Fuduntu, which means somewhere between Fedora and Ubuntu, comes with some tweaks in the RAM, the Gnome default desktop as well as with Adobe Flash Player, GIMP and many more on the application side.

Submission + - iPad challengers wait on Google (

holy_calamity writes: Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom generated much excitement among CES-watchers, but Technology Review points out that their chances of success rest largely with Google and its apparently unfinished Honeycomb version of Android. No tablet at CES was shown actually running Honeycomb, and it's not just gadget reviewers inconvenienced by Google's release schedule. Some manufacturers, including Samsung and Dell, last week launched new devices designed around older versions of Android that may be difficult to smoothly upgrade to the new OS, whenever it arrives.

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