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Comment Re:Larger Pages (Score 2, Interesting) 319

On most sites that I go to that have a paragraph per page model, I just click the "Print" button/link on the site and they combine the pages for printing. Then I read it without needing to print it. Sometimes they require printing it. If they do, I am less likely to read the article at all.

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CJKV Information Processing 2nd ed. 52

stoolpigeon writes "At the end of last year, I made a move from an IT shop focused on supporting the US side of our business to a department that provides support to our operations outside the US. This was the first time I've worked in an international context and found myself, on a regular basis, running into long-time assumptions that were no longer true. My first project was implementing a third-party, web-based HR system for medium-sized offices. I found myself constantly missing important issues because I had such a narrow approach to the problem space. Sure, I've built applications and databases that supported Unicode, but I've never actually implemented anything with them but the same types of systems I'd built in the past with ASCII. But a large portion of the world's population is in Asia, and ASCII is certainly not going to cut it there. Fortunately, a new edition of Ken Lunde's classic CJKV Information Processing has become available, and it has really opened my eyes." Keep reading for the rest of JR's review.

Submission + - Lenovo to sell laptops with SUSE Linux (

slonik writes: BBC and Reuters UK report that Lenovo starts selling laptops preloaded with Linux from Novell (SUSE) in the forth quarter this year. They will sell them to consumers as well as business customers. Lenovo will provide hardware and software support. With Dell already selling Ubuntu laptops and Lenovo just joining the club the excitement builds in the air:-)

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