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Comment Re:Note to self (Score 2) 221

The catch is that it's starting to be "never buy anything" from anyone. There isn't a company on this planet that doesn't want this ability to control it's products after purchase, and they consistently get away with it.
Once you get rid of all the companies that are trying to screw you over, you quickly find that there's nobody left to buy anything from.

Comment Re:Every fuckin' year we have to change apps.... (Score 1) 68

On the other hand, if you just stuck to SMS or email like sane people you'd be able to use the same ones since 1993 or the early 1970s, and they have the added benefit of being the ones that reaches the most people too.

So the real question is, why would people in this day and age still use a limited proprietary chat feature that works for such a small percentage of the population, and needs to be replaced every year or so?

Comment Re:Block on the phone. (Score 4, Insightful) 76

That't technically easy, but socially difficult.

It may work well for some people, but it doesn't work for many others. My phone is often used as the emergency contact number for events that I volunteer on, as a result I need to receive calls from many different numbers that are unknown to me ahead of time. Not answering isn't really an option, and I won't get a list ahead of time that I can program in to a whitelist of the hundreds of people that will be on or near the event.

Other people use their phones for their business, if you don't answer when a customer phones, they'll phone someone else, and while that may make your business easier, it also makes it quite unprofitable.

Comment Why move to hangouts? (Score 5, Insightful) 68

Why would they tell those users to move to Hangouts, when they've already started telling hangouts users to move to Allo, Duo, and Messages?

Google seriously needs to stop this. The way to improve a product isn't to scrap it and build a new one every 6 months, but to upgrade the existing one. People get used to your existing product and want to keep using it. worse yet, people on your old product can't talk to people on your new product, and right now you have at least 3 generations of incompatible product in operation!

Comment Grace period? How humane! (Score 1) 255

There is zero grace period here, I can tell you that from experience.
I have had 1 red light ticket in my life. the ticket shows that I entered the intersection 0.1 second after the light turned. This means that when I entered the intersection, by a human's perception, it was still yellow.
I guess next time I'll slam the brakes harder and not risk a yellow. Too bad I can't get the city to pay for the damage from being rear-ended for braking so hard.

Comment Re:This is America. Privacy is dead. (Score 1) 397

Maybe you completely missed the "they're both severe problems" part of what I said?

What I said was that they ARE different, because only the commercial one has any hope of a legislative fix. The government MAY outlaw companies collecting your data for profit (in many countries they have) but they'll NEVER outlaw themselves looking at all of it.

Additionally, if you find a technical means of preventing companies from spying on you, the government won't care, but if you find a technical means of stopping the government from spying on you, once enough people use it, it WILL be outlawed.

You may think they're the same issue, but if you try to attack them as one issue you'll be sorely disappointed.

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