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Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 2) 130

If you are a safe driver, it makes you safer, if you're an idiot who isn't paying attention to the road, it makes you safer, but not as safe as an already safe driver.

Under no circumstances does this technology make you less safe. Only you can do that by being stupid and not paying attention to the road.

Autopilot doesn't "lull you into a sense of false security" YOU "lull you into a sense of false security" but only if you were already an unsafe driver.

Comment Re:Windows "telemetry" = Only use Linux Mint (Score 1) 208

Ever phoned Microsoft for "support"? how'd that go for you? If you're lucky they told you to re-install. more likely you couldn't even find a human to talk to.

People talk about commercial software having support, but it doesn't (Unless you're an enterprise license with thousands of seats, and even then you pay dearly for very little in the way of support). The forum posts you can find for any linux distro offer far more support than anything any commercial software company produces.

Comment Re:Just for once (Score 1) 466

So wait and buy a used one like you do your current cars. at $12k you are either buying used, or you're buying garbage. Not to mention, with a fuel savings of about $10,000 over 6 or 7 years, you wouldn't pay a couple dollars more for the EV?
Keep in mind that the Chevy Bolt, and the Tesla Model 3 are within a few dollars of the average selling price of a new vehicle in the US.

Life: Tesla vehicles so far have had minimal degradation of the batteries over that type of mileage. The warranty is 8 years unlimited mileage, and why would you replace it? How much does it cost now to replace the engine in your car? how long does it really last? No reason to worry about the battery, they're holding up fine.
Also imagine how many oil changes you save over 100-200k miles, how many transmission services, brakes, spark plugs, any of the many, many maintenance items on an internal combustion vehicle that you will simply never need to do on an EV.

Comment Re:While I love th instant torque... (Score 1) 466

Why waste 5-10 minutes standing at a fuel pump, and then go to a washroom, and then to a restaurant. Plug it in, go eat, it will be ready before you get back, every time.
5 adults that are 6' tall and 2 that are 5'10" or so, it's more spacious than just about any other SUV out there.

The electric infrastructure, even if powered 100% by coal, is still far better for the environment than gasoline powered vehicles. It takes more energy, and generates more pollution just to refine the gasoline, than it does to move the EV. and that doesnt' even take in to account extraction, transportation, or actually burning it in your car.

You're asking the wrong questions. The only thing the EV is still missing is selection of vehicles (which is improving every day) and actual charge locations (which are relatively plentiful now, and improving daily)

You also don't realize how freeing it is NEVER having to look for a gas station around town, never waking up in the morning wondering if you have enough gas for the round trip to work. You wake up every single morning with a "full tank". The only time you ever spend time refuelling is on road trips, when you already have to stop to eat and use the restroom anyway.

Comment Re:Batteries (Score 1) 466

Do you never sleep?
The vast majority of my charging is done overnight while I'm unconscious. The rest, while I'm on road-trips, is done while I'm eating and using the washroom.
It now takes me LESS time to refuel than when I had an internal combustion engine. as it's now effectively zero.

So let me fix it for you again: "The main barrier is PERCEPTION of charge time"

Comment Re:While I love th instant torque... (Score 1) 466

Well, the Tesla Model X already seats 7, plus storage space, has over 300 miles of range (which I guarantee you is larger than the bladder capacity of the smallest of those 7 passengers). recharges faster than you can feed the whole family (which you also probably do a few times on your trip). and has a battery warranty of 8 years and unlimited millage.

So basically, your arguments are either already addressed, or artificially created.

Comment Re:Just for once (Score 2) 466

As someone who drives an EV, it is better in every single way than my previous internal combustion vehicles. EVERY way.

EVs will win eventually with or without government intervention (which, by the way, I'm against) because they are far superior to internal combustion vehicles.

The EV is more powerful, more comfortable, has better driving performance, less maintenance. The Internal combustion vehicle has... an established user base, and more fuelling stations.

So really the ONLY advantage an internal combustion vehicle has is more charging stations, and that "advantage" is being eroded quickly as more charging stations are being built every day, and even without them they aren't needed as much as you wake up every morning to a "full tank"

Comment Re:Batteries (Score 4, Insightful) 466

Tesla is somewhat wrong on this. The main barrier is PERCEPTION of range.

Everyone thinks they need to drive 10,000 miles on a charge. Nobody actually does. Current range of a Tesla is plenty (assuming there's supercharger coverage in the direction you want to go). Unfortunately, until you actually drive one, you won't believe me. I didn't believe me until I bought one.

When I bought my Tesla, I assumed we'd have to take my wife's car on any long road trips. I was wrong. We take the Tesla on all the road trips because it's more convenient, and more comfortable. I just didn't believe that road-tripping in an EV would be practical.

I think the only way to fix this perception problem is over time as more people have these vehicles and share their own experiences with others, and as more and more charging stations are rolled out.

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