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Comment Re:If they didn't want unlimited use (Score 3, Informative) 409

As soon as they tied next month's usage directly to this months usage, they gave up the ability to call this month's usage unlimited.

And your car rental annalogy is exactly the same, if they can't make money on "unlimited" and don't want to sell it, then they should fix their fraudulent and deceptive marketing, not ban individuals who comply 100% with the rules as they were laid out to them.

Unlimited by definition means that there are no limits, not being able to renew if you do a certain thing is by it's very definition a limit.

Comment Re:If they didn't want unlimited use (Score 1) 409

But you are entitled to what they claim to be offering. If they call it unlimited, it should be unlimited.
If they tell those customers that unlimited plans don't exist anymore and they have to choose something else, I'd have no problem with it, but quit pretending that these people are still on an unlimited plan if it isn't really unlimited.

Comment Re:QL'EB? (Score 1) 409

Be glad it's even an option. Where I live the absolute largest data plan you can even buy is 40GB and that costs $150/mo. To get to 100GB you'd have 60GB of "overage", the first 1.5GB of which will be billed at $5/100MB and after that at $0.05/MB for a total of $75 for the first 1.5GB and $2925 for the remainder.

Grand total for 100GB here would be $3150.00 (plus tax, plus mandatory voice package, plus various fees)

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 409

Except that Tesla's Auto-pilot fits the dictionary definition of the system 100% and has every bit as much ability as Auto-pilot on aircraft and boats (the only other vehicles with auto-pilot) Whereas Verizon's definition of Unlimited is exactly the opposite of the dictionary definition, and not at all how it works on other provider's networks in other parts of the world... Other than that they're exactly the same...

Comment Headline draws the wrong conclusion (Score 1) 128

iWatch sales are slowing, other smart watch sales are growing. So this means that people realized the Apple product sucks as badly as most Apple products. But that people like the other smart watches as their volumes are still growing. So instead of yet another "smartwatch market is doomed" article, it should be "apple watch sucks, smart watch sales from other manufacturers continue to grow" unfortunately as so many stupid reporters try to link the 2 together, the horrible apple watch experience is being used as an argument to try to convince people who want one not to try any of the other amazing products out there.

Comment Re:Don't be stupid; material vs competition at siz (Score 1) 110

Sure, I'll compare it to plastic which, if you recall, used to be the predominant screen material. Plastic screens shattered almost never, and didn't have the huge glare problems present in modern handhelds.
The downside was slightly less scratch resistance, but a screen protector handles that nicely, and large portions of the population use those on gorilla glass anyway.

Comment Re:Not a self driving car... (Score 1) 297

Someone named it the automobile, and we all know what auto means. So your average person will assume that all cars drive themselves.
Someone named it cruise control, and if it can control the cruising of the vehicle the average person will think it can drive itself.

Morons will be morons, they've been killing themselves and others for centuries, renaming a feature so that it does a worse job of describing what it actually does will not stop morons from killing people.

Comment Re:Not a self driving car... (Score 1) 297

Exactly, it keeps a heading, that's all. A plane on autopilot will happily fly in to a mountain if you don't stop it, all it does is follow the set trajectory. The car does more because it follows lane markings instead of just a straight line, but neither one drives itself. And only the car does any collision avoidance whatsoever.
Autopilot is a great name for this product. It implies a system that assists the driver, while the driver maintains full control at all times. Just like a pilot does on an aircraft.

Comment Re:By far... (Score 1) 485

If we had always taken that advice, the wheel would never have been invented. Progress requires that the idiots and the lawyers get out of the way some times.

The vast majority of owners use the system properly. The solution to idiots like this is not to cripple the system and stop looking for improvements, it's to point out that they are idiots and that you don't condone their actions.

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