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Comment And it'll be a shitshow because of course it is (Score 4, Funny) 156

Sneak preview of the API:

crypto_really_encode(plaintext, algorithm); // Simplest
crypto_really_encode(plaintext, mode, algorithm); // Next arg goes in the middle
crypto_really_encode(block_size, plaintext, algorithm, mode); // Switch it up yo lol

...where AES will somehow be a valid value for both mode and algorithm (which will silently override to "NULL" if plaintext starts with a zero or the letter "p").

Comment Do NOT delete your account! It's a security risk! (Score 4, Informative) 100

Yahoo re-issues email addresses after they've been deleted. Are you absolutely 100% certain you haven't used that account as the password reset address for anything else? If so, go ahead (so long as you don't mind someone else having your username). If there's any chance at all that your old Yahoo address's new owner could reset your Facebook password, for instance, then purge your Yahoo account instead.

Yes, everything to do with Yahoo is a travesty. Why do you ask?

Comment Re:Competition is good! (Score 1) 84

I tried Sprint when I first moved to the SF Bay Area in 2001. Bad mistake -- even with this "bargain" I don't think I would ever go back Poor coverage, and they stuck me on this tiny little price plan and refused to offer me anything higher. After getting a cell bill for $700 I said eff it and left. Paying the early termination fee after only a couple months was far more affordable than continuing to use them

Comment Re:The End of Freedom (Score 1) 490

No -- what I am saying is that the Middle Class is dying, and the millennials will join the ever growing ranks of the working poor. Because that's what's going on, the destruction of the middle class, and the creation of a bi-furcated society of the Have's and the other 90% who will be the working poor

Comment The End of Freedom (Score 3, Insightful) 490

Freedom in America is largely defined by Economic Freedom. Without the ability to obtain a disposable income, Millennials are unable to live their life on their terms. They are effectively Wage Slaves, shackled to and controlled by Debt and most of them will prove powerless to overcome that slavery. We will see the middle class die within the next decade, and with it, the rise of chronic underemployment, and the end of the nuclear family as multi-family and multi-generational households will become the new norm

Comment Re:They'll Go Underground (Score 1) 899

On voting: here's my proposal. Vote with touchscreens. When you're finished, it prints a scantron-style page, perfectly marked. No hanging chads, no pencil marks, no erasures, nothing: just "[X] My Candidate" filled in. That's what you drop into the ballot box after looking to make sure it's correct. Go ahead and use those for instant results so you can know a minute after election who (provisionally) won. But if there's suspicion - or who knows, maybe always? - the marked ballot count wins. This is a hybrid of the current system with its protections, but with the advantages of easy UI and instant results that people want.

I think free-as-in-BSD market is mistake to Libertarians (of which I'm registered as). I think the rule of government in the economy is to protect the freedom of the market, not necessarily all of its participants. For example, look back to Standard Oil. I think it was completely appropriate for the government to break it up to preserve the open flow of the economy and to prevent a single company from completely dictating how a major economy segment operated. When Standard Oil had complete freedom, the result was little to no freedom for all the other actors. I view it as analogous to banning slavery. Sure, that placed new restrictions on some, but that cost pales in comparison to the value of freedom it granted to others. That was a good trade.

Now, I want those government actions to be rare and as gentle as possible, but I still think they're necessary. I don't want a completely unfettered economy where any large player is free to bent whole markets to serve solely themselves. That's been tried many places and times, and it never works out well (either for the other actors in the short term, or for the monopolists in the long term when enough people get pissed off that they revolt).

Comment Re:They'll Go Underground (Score 1) 899

Re: traditional gender roles. I disagree with Social Conservatives but their position /= fascism.

Traditional gender roles, assumed voluntarily, are 100% fine. Passing laws to punish those who don't conform to them is absolutely not OK.

Re: voting: I'm 100% in favor of showing ID to vote.

I used to be, except that there have been statistically almost zero cases of confirmed voter fraud. IDs don't prevent documented fraud like Gregg Phillips being registered simultaneously in three different states.

You would have a receipt with your hash.

No, no, no, no, no. This is how you get massive voter fraud. Imagine if you got a receipt that could reveal your voting. Now imagine:

  • A union steward forcing employees to prove they voted correctly
  • A factory owner having a mandatory "let's compare our votes" party
  • An abusive husband making his wife demonstrate that she chose his favorite candidates

That would end anonymous voting, which is a cornerstone of democracy: you can't have democracy without it.

I have not seen that yet. I have seen people who are known defenders of free-market.

There are known defenders laissez-faire market, but that's not at all the same thing as a free market. I prefer my economies free as in GPL, not as in BSD.

Comment Re:They'll Go Underground (Score 1) 899

Fascist is government controlling the economy and using police power and terror to enforce orthodoxy.

Soooo, a radical insistence traditional gender roles, religion in politics, using racist standards to limit minority voting, illegalizing protest, and otherwise using big government, police, and terror to enforce alt-right orthodoxy. Got it.

Free market and small-government people on the right are, by definition, NOT fascist.

Right, but all I see out of the White House is big government overreach and anti-free market corporatism.

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