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Comment Re:Mr.? (Score 1) 386

I heard NPR explain this once. Apparently, it is common practice to use the formal President Obama in the first reference of his name, and subsequently to refer to him as Mr. Obama. This is the case with all presidents at least according to NPRs policy. http://www.npr.org/blogs/ombudsman/2009/01/mr_obama_mormons_and_susan_sta_1.html

Submission + - HTC Countersues Apple to Stop All iPhone, iPod, iP (gizmodo.com)

suraj.sun writes: HTC Countersues Apple to Stop All iPhone, iPod, iPad Sales:

Two months after Apple sued HTC for violating 20 patents, HTC's hitting back, alleging that Apple's violated 5 of HTC's patents, asking the ITC to ban the import and sale of all iPhones, iPods and iPads in the US.

Today, HTC is hitting Apple back over five patents, illustrated above. Two are related to power management, two are over personalized phone dialers, and one's over a telephone dialer with easy access memory. They're asking the ITC to halt the import and sale of all iPhones, iPods and iPads, which is a pretty standard request with patent violations.

Gizmodo: http://gizmodo.com/5537316/htc-countersues-apple-to-stop-all-iphone-ipod-ipad-sales


Submission + - Peppermint OS One Review (desktoplinuxreviews.com)

JimLynch writes: I’ve covered a lot of remastered versions of Ubuntu since DLR launched. But, every once in a while, I bump into one that is particularly interesting to review. Peppermint OS One is definitely in that category. Peppermint OS One is a web-centric Ubuntu remaster that passes up common desktop applications like OpenOffice.org in favor of web-based alternatives such as Google Docs. And it doesn’t stop with office applications either; Peppermint OS One integrates video sites like YouTube and Hulu right into the desktop experience.

Why Digital Medical Records Are No Panacea 367

theodp writes "As GE, Google, Intel, IBM, Microsoft and others pile into the business of computerized medical files in a stimulus-fueled frenzy, BusinessWeek reminds us that electronic health records have a dubious history. Under the federal stimulus program, hospitals can get several million dollars apiece for tech purchases over the next five years, and individual doctors can receive up to $44,000. There's also a stick: The feds will cut Medicare reimbursement for hospitals and practices that don't go electronic by 2015. But does the high cost and questionable quality of products currently on the market explain why barely 1 in 50 hospitals have a comprehensive electronic records system, and why only 17% of physicians use any type of electronic records? Joe Bugajski's chilling The Data Model That Nearly Killed Me suggests that may be the case."

BBC iPlayer Welcomes Linux (and Macs) 259

h4rm0ny writes "After previously limiting their iPlayer to only the Windows platform (as we discussed earlier here and here), the BBC's content is now available to UK-based users of Linux and Mac OS X. From their site: 'From today we are pleased to announce that streaming is now available on BBC iPlayer. This means that Windows, Mac and Linux users can stream programs on iPlayer as long as their computer has the latest version of Flash. Another change is that you do not have to register or sign in any more to download programs ...' It seems that the BBC have listened to people who petitioned them for broader support and an open format. Well, Flash isn't exactly open, but its a lot more ubiquitous than Windows Media and Real Player formats."

Submission + - Intelligent Design-Your-Own Darwin Fish Contest

Matthew Bettelheim writes: "Inkling Magazine is having a competition to see who can come up with the next best Darwin fish design. So long as it cleverly incorporates that telltale fish profile, all ideas are game. Send us doodles, polished Illustrator files, graffiti art, whatever. We don't care as long as it's got an almond-shaped body, a tail and a certain wittiness.

http://www.inklingmagazine.com/articles/intelligen t-design-your-own-darwin-fish/"

Submission + - Science can regrow fingers like magic!

TurdTapper writes: "From the article:

Researchers are trying to find ways to regrow fingers — and someday, even limbs — with tricks that sound like magic spells from a Harry Potter novel.
There's the guy who sliced off a fingertip but grew it back, after he treated the wound with an extract of pig bladder.

I wonder what it would take to increase the size of my manhood...perhaps shredded shark cartilage."
The Internet

Submission + - Create your own NBA highlight reels

jcatcw writes: The NBA now offers a mashup tool that will allows users without editing experience to create custom videos. The NBA.com Highlight Mixer can use game clips, team logos and music to create videos, which can then be posted on the NBA site or at a user's own site. 'Every fan has their own perspective, and this is the chance to share that with other fans and the rest of the world,' says Steve Grimes, vice president of interactive services at NBA Entertainment. 'There is a pent-up demand to be able to create your own highlight reels.'

Submission + - AT&T and BellSouth to Merge...Here comes Ma Be

kangdangalang writes: News is amuck about a merger between AT&T and BellSouth AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and BellSouth Corporation (NYSE:BLS) announced today an agreement to merge the two companies, a combination that will create a more effective and efficient provider in the wireless, broadband, video, voice and data markets. The merger will streamline the ownership and operations of Cingular Wireless, which is jointly owned by AT&T and BellSouth. The new company will be more innovative, nimble and efficient, providing benefits to customers by combining the Cingular, BellSouth and AT&T networks into a single fully integrated wireless and wireline Internet Protocol network offering a full range of advanced solutions. Seems like AT&T is trying to reacquire all the baby bells to get back to being the communications supergiant of decades past, do you think this will be allowed by the FCC or will this get shot down because of fear of AT&T becoming a monopoly once again?

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