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Submission + - Voat.co servers shut down because of politically incorrect content (itworld.com)

JimLynch writes: Voat.co has been in the news a lot lately thanks to a huge exodus of redditors that swamped the site in response to censorship on Reddit. Now Voat.co itself has been hit with an unexpected server shutdown because of content on the site that was deemed politically incorrect by the site's hosting company.

Submission + - The five biggest Apple Watch myths and lies (cio.com)

JimLynch writes: Whenever Apple releases a new product category the Internet is flooded with snarky, negative comments that imply that the product is a failure. We saw it with the first iPhone and also the iPad. And, of course, you just knew the nattering nabobs of negativity where going to lash out against the Apple Watch and they have...with gusto!

So without further adieu here are five of the biggest myths and lies being pushed by the Apple Watch naysayers, and I'll tell you why these people are dead wrong about all of them.

The five biggest Apple Watch myths and lies:
1. You don’t need an Apple Watch
2. The Apple Watch is too expensive
3. The Apple Watch is hard to learn how to use
4. The Apple Watch battery doesn’t last long enough
5. The Apple Watch is slow

Submission + - Sex and the Apple Watch (cio.com)

JimLynch writes: When the Apple Watch was first announced, Apple called it their "most personal device ever" and it turns out that the company wasn't kidding! Apple Watch owners have wasted no time in integrating the Apple Watch into the most...er...personal aspects of their lives. Yes, the Apple Watch is already becoming a tool to enhance intimacy between consenting adults.

Submission + - iOS versus Android: The text bubble witch hunt (jimlynch.com)

JimLynch writes: There’s another petty iOS versus Android controversy brewing. Apparently some folks have gotten it into their heads that Apple is teaching people to hate anyone who doesn’t use an iPhone by displaying SMS messages in green and iMessage messages in blue.

I thought the whole “my mobile platform is better than your platform” thing had gotten plenty stupid in the past, but this text bubble holy war really takes the cake. As the owner of an iPhone 6 Plus, I can honestly tell you that I’ve never cared if somebody sent me an SMS or an iMessage text. What difference does the color of the text bubble make as long as I get their message?

Submission + - Why do some Mac owners run Linux instead of OS X? (jimlynch.com)

JimLynch writes: It seems like a strange idea, doesn’t it? People buying Apple’s Mac computers to run Linux? After all, most Linux users are thrifty people and would probably consider Macs to be relatively expensive compared to the cost of other computers. But nominal price does not necessarily equate to the real value of Macs for some users.

For some people there is real value in Apple’s line of Mac computers. They don’t see the nominal price tag as a hindrance to buying one of them to run Linux, and they probably appreciate the build quality of Apple’s Macs. I certainly can’t blame them for that since Apple has a good reputation in that regard and it shows in the loyalty of its customers year after year.

But I suspect that some of them may also be saving money by buying used Macs instead of brand new ones. Amazon, for example, sells used Macbook Airs, iMacs, and Macbook Pros on its site that are significantly cheaper than new ones bought from Apple’s stores or web site. And these may work very well for Linux users that want to use Apple hardware without paying full price.

Submission + - Why Chromebooks are killing Microsoft (jimlynch.com)

JimLynch writes: Chromebooks are the sleeper-product-from-hell for Microsoft. They came out of nowhere and now pose a legitimate threat to Microsoft in the laptop sales category. How many could have predicted this when the first Chromebooks were released? Back then it would have seemed absurd for an upstart operating system to even have a chance at competing with Windows-based laptops.

Submission + - Linus Torvalds and the cults of niceness and diversity (jimlynch.com)

JimLynch writes: Okay, let me unload on some of this stuff. As far as being “nice” all the time goes, it’s not good for a couple of reasons:

1. Being nice all the time means being fake. Nobody – not a single one of us – is nice all the time. We’re human beings and we have moods that change frequently. If one attempts to be nice twenty four hours a day, seven days a week then that person is putting up a false facade of niceness. It’s simply impossible to be nice all the time. I’d much rather deal with an honest and crabby person than a phony person anytime.

Submission + - North Korea Linux 3.0 (Red Star OS) screenshot tour (jimlynch.com)

JimLynch writes: The desktop version North Korea Linux 3.0 is finally available for download and install, thanks to the same guy who initially brought us the server version of North Korea Linux. The ISO download has been popping up all over the place on torrent sites, but I suggest downloading it via Kick Ass Torrents.

The ISO file weighs in at around 2.61 GB, so it’s not a small download. But you should have no problem getting a copy.

Submission + - No, Linux is not dead on the desktop (itworld.com)

JimLynch writes: There are certain constants in life, and one of them is a never-ending spate of predictions that Linux is dead on the desktop. It's inevitable that we see these kinds of article popping up every once in a while. CIO has one of the latest examples of this as it tries to make the case that Linux is dead on the desktop.

Bah! I hate having to wade through these kinds of articles, but it's necessary to answer them lest the perception take root that "Linux is doomed!" and all the usual blather that goes along with such nonsense. Every single time I read one of these articles my eyes roll into the back of my head and various profanities burst from my lips.

Submission + - Quick Look: Peppermint Five (itworld.com)

JimLynch writes: Peppermint Five, the latest release of the distribution formerly called Peppermint OS, features a brand new Control Center to manage settings, as well as a rebuilt Ice SSB (Site Specific Browser) manager. Since it’s built on the Ubuntu 14.04 code base, Peppermint Five is also a long term support release.

Submission + - Why the iPod touch will become the iPad nano March 29, 2014By Jim Lynch (jimlynch.com)

JimLynch writes: The iPod touch is a very misunderstood mobile device. When many people talk about it, it’s usually in the context of playing music. But the iPod touch goes far beyond being just a music player though, it’s a pocket computer that can do virtually anything an iPhone or iPad can do (minus phone calls or cellular connections). I think that has more to do with the name “iPod” than anything else, and it’s way past time for the name to change to better reflect what the iPod touch can do.

Submission + - Do distrohoppers have too many choices? (eyeonlinux.com)

JimLynch writes: Distrohopping can be an immense amount of fun as a Linux user switches distributions frequently to try to find that elusive “best distro of all.” Everyday Linux User thinks that distrohoppers might be suffering from what can be termed “cable television syndrome.” While I think this is a possibility, I also think the advantages of distrohopping far outweigh the disadvantages.

I’m of the mind that more choices are better than fewer choices. One of the best things about Linux is the sheer range of choices that are out there. There literally is a distribution for everybody, no matter how eclectic your taste in Linux might be. All it takes is a little elbow grease and a visit to DistroWatch, and you can find a Linux distribution that suits your needs.

Submission + - Kubuntu 13.10 Review: Kubuntu Gets a Software Center (desktoplinuxreviews.com)

JimLynch writes: The release of Ubuntu 13.10 has brought with it updates to the various Ubuntu spins. Kubuntu 13.10 is certainly one of the most important so it’s time to take a look at it. I haven’t done a full review of Kubuntu in quite a long while, so I was very curious to see how it had changed and what it had to offer.

I’m happy to say that Kubuntu 13.10 didn’t disappoint, I found myself liking it much more than Ubuntu 13.10.

Submission + - iOS 7: An Estrogen-Addled Mess Designed for 13 Year Old Girls (jimlynch.com)

JimLynch writes: There’s a real gender issue with the iOS 7 icon color scheme. The iOS 7 beta icons practically ooze estrogen! The manly, solid colors and design found in iOS 6 have been chopped off as viciously as Lord Varus’ balls and cock in Game of Thrones. In short, iOS 7 is a clam-o-rama of soft pastels that overwhelm male eyeballs, while bathing men in a sea of soft, limp nothingness.

If this is Johnny Ives’ work then it seems pretty clear that Scott Forstall was the alpha male at Apple. Or maybe it was Steve Jobs, or Jobs and Forstall together who put a masculine stamp on iOS? Either way, it’s pretty clear that iOS has totally lost its balls in iOS 7.

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