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Comment Re:My how have the tables turned (Score 1) 98

As for the label taking all the money and me getting none, that is alreayd happening now. I fail to see how that would get any worse.

It won't. It can't. But it won't get any better either. Safe harbor didn't make that happen.

Things are considerably more complicated in that in my case. Oversimplifications like this are kind of insulting, and not especially helpful IMHO.

I'm not intending to insult you, but the facts as you presented them show that some how, some way, the label got legal first dibs. That is not youtube's fault and it's not because of safe harbor.

The guy from Cypress shouldn't be making money off of the work, but apparently he isn't why you're not making any money from it.

Comment Re:My how have the tables turned (Score 1) 98

There's a big question mark there. If safe harbor were removed, perhaps Youtube would just kill all videos with music (and you still get nothing). Or they might find a way to monetize the tracks and send the money to the label (and you get nothing). I'm not seeing the scenario where you get anything there, safe harbor or not.

The central problem is that you agreed that the label gets the money until their accountant decides they've made enough.

Comment Re:Self inflicted (Score 1) 225

Well, financially speaking bankruptcy doesn't happen because you don't make profit. It happens because you run out of cash flow to meet your current obligations.

Had Westinghouse back in the 90s gone all-in on a fuel cycle it had no practical experience with, it would be pretty much where it is today: building the first power plants of a new design, after a multi-decade hiatus in commissioning nuclear power plants. Either way it's a recipe for construction delays, which equal cost overruns without corresponding new revenue, which equals bankruptcy.

The only way to get a large-scale nuclear power plant business off the ground is to have vast quantities of cash on hand, which businesses don't like to do because keeping cash relatively idle costs money too.

Submission + - Why Bargain Travel Sites May No Longer Be Bargains (

mirandakatz writes: In the pre-internet days, there were travel agents. Then online aggregators like TripAdvisor and Expedia came along, and suddenly the tables had turned: Travelers could now get dirt cheap fares with the click of a button. But the tide is turning once again: Just as airlines and hotels began trimming travel agent commissions more than 20 years ago, now history is repeating itself. At Backchannel, Doug Garr unpacks the shifting tide, and explains why you might just be better off calling up an airline or hotel directly, as counterintuitive as that may seem.

Comment Re:What if the "bullshit" is actually true? (Score 2) 338

That's part of the flip side. People have realized that the "trustworthy" major news sources quit doing their job years ago. They used to take pride in angry politicians calling security on their reporters. Now they're very careful not to offend anyone.

Without a baseline, it is hard to filter the crap from the truth. Related to that, when the truth is batshit insane, lies are easy to believe.

Comment Re:What do you get with a TV-celeb as prez? (Score 1) 296

5 is a lot younger than 9. In fact developmentally it's a lot younger than the 45% chronologically younger it is.

Once a medical entomologist I was working with came to me with a flow chart he'd done in Visio. "I need a program that can do this," he said. "I've looked at different modeling applications but it won't be easy in any of them. I'm pretty sure I'll need custom software."

I glanced at his flow chart, scribbled a polynomial on a scrap of paper and handed it to him. "There. Plug that into Excel and you're good to go."

He was flabbergasted. "How did you do that?"

"My job isn't writing programs," I said. "My job is transforming hard problems into easy ones. I only write actual software to prove I'm right."

Coding as an academic activity is a very narrow intellectual pursuit. Coding as a real life activity draws on a lifetime of intellectual experiences, both academic and non-academic.

Children at the age of 5 should be preparing for those experiences. If you want to know what kids that age should be doing, you should look at what public television shows like Sesame Street and Arthur targeted at them depict them doing. They go outside and play. They explore. They make real physical things. They make friends (and enemies). They express themselves by participating in art and music. They learn to deal with winning and losing by playing games.

You know the one thing that kids on those programs almost never do? Watch TV. Real kids spend way too much time in front of screens.

Now I'm all for giving 9 year-olds a taste of programming. Seymour Papert did wonderful work along those lines, including with children as young as the fifth grade -- roughly 10 years old. There isn't much difference between a 10 and a 9 year old, but there's a huge difference between a 5 and 6 year-old.

Teaching a 5 year-old about coding is just virtue signalling. It's not something you do for the kid, it's something you do for your reputation.

Comment Re:Scottish independence (Score 2) 614

Without England, Scotland has nothing to offer the EU except liability.

Scotland is small ,but it has a higher per capita GDP than England, or the entire UK for that matter -- if you count North Sea energy. Scotland as an independent country would be the twelfth largest economy in Europe and almost exactly in the middle of the pack for size in the EU.

Now logically speaking Scottish independence from an independent UK does not necessarily equate to EU membership. Scots could choose independence from the UK on the basis that union with a UK that is not in the EU is not as attractive as union with a UK that is in the EU.

Comment Re: Jayavel Murugan...Syed Nawaz (Score 1) 250

Not at all necessary or useful. There are a number of ways to streamline regulations without compromising quality (hint, it involves removing corruption, ossified bureaucracy, and sweetheart IP restrictions). The U.K. spends 1/4 what the U.S. does per capita and gets better outcomes than we do. It has been done, therefore it can be done.

One means would be single payer. There's a lot of bargaining power to be had when you represent 300 million people.

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