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Submission + - TMO in final negotiations for iPhone 5 Rollout with AWS/LTE

gr8gatzby writes: "Hey y'all!

I've just gotten word from a highly ranked official within T-Mobile: "...negotiatons with Apple are currently underway and to expect the arrival of the next gen iPhone utilizing TMO AWS/LTE during the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2012".

You probably get rumors like this all the time, but as a previous Drive Test Engineer with the Magenta Warrior, I walked away with some good connections.

Keep up the great work!"

Kentucky Announces Creationism Theme Park 648

riverat1 writes "On December first, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced that a creationism theme park is expected to open in 2014. Park developers are seeking state tourism development incentives and could receive up to $37.5 million over a 10-year period. Gov. Steve Beshear said he does not believe the incentives would violate the principle of church-state separation because the 14-year-old tax incentives law wasn’t approved for the purpose of benefiting the Ark Encounter. The park will have a 500 foot replica of the Ark with live animals on it and a Tower of Babel explaining how races and languages developed. The park will be turned over to Answers in Genesis after it is built. They are a non-profit organization which may allow them to discriminate in hiring on the basis of religion."

Submission + - Wireless power on the cheap? 1

gr8gatzby writes: In seeking to bring power to my newly built barn 1500 feet from my home (and nearest power source), the power company is quoting me $6000 to run the wire. Having 100 years of Tesla to from which to draw, I would've thought the wireless power industry would've developed something to address my sub-mile power quagmire. Yet, I've had no luck finding any solutions. I'd even be open to a solar solution, but would need 220 power and a big bad battery pack for the power tool usage. Any ideas for this pugilistic parsimonious power play?

Submission + - Leopard overtakes Vista sales in Japan (

gr8gatzby writes: "Sales of Mac OS X Leopard in Japan have exceeded those of Windows for the first time.

MacWorld reports on a report in Business Computer News that claims OS X sales shot up between September and October, climbing from a rate of 15.5 per cent year on year to 60.5 per cent.

However, at Microsoft, Windows sales fell from 75.3 per cent to 28.7 per cent.

In the six days after Leopard's 26 October launch, combined single-user licence (46 per cent) and family pack (7.9 per cent) sales accounted for 53.9 per cent of the total OS-only market in Japan.

The report attributes Microsoft's failing Vista sales to its overly-complex pricing scheme and Apple's commitment to faster product development."

Networking (Apple)

Submission + - The Woz + Kathy Griffin = Hitched (

gr8gatzby writes: "Well we can probably guess their kids names: Clarus for the boy and Lisa for the girl. It appears that Kathy Griffin has a thing for geeks, as her last hubby(infamous for laundering money from her) was as well.

From The Best Week Ever: "...things are looking up for Kath. She's found a new man. A successful man. Sadly, it's not her absolutely adorable assistant Tom (what chemistry those kids have!), rather... a much bigger, richer man. Co-founder of Apple Computers Steve Wozniak to be exact. The two met after Steve saw Kathy perform. Now, we know Steve might not be the handsomest man around, but fans of Kathy know that looks really aren't that important to her. And looks aside... could you really ask for a better catch than the co-founder of Apple F**king Computers? Wethinks not. And, as a side note, from what we've seen on her reality show, Kathy is an Apple girl through and through... which is adorable!" et-kathy-griffin-finds-a-new-man/"

Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - Cingular Insurance not likely option for iPhone

gr8gatzby writes: "I've been with Cingular(& Apple) for many moons and have been planning to be an iPhone early adopter upon release. However, it just dawned on me that when I was shopping for a PDA at my local Cingular joint a few months back I decided against it due to the lack of insurability. So I just got off the horn with Cingular/AT&T and was told that not only is insurance still not offered for their line of PDA's and smartphones, but that insurance would also most likely not be an option for the iPhone as its price exceeds that of even their most expensive PDA. If so, what a joke. $699 for a phone and no protection to go with it. I wonder how much this will impact sales...I'm sure not making the leap now. What does the Slashdot community think of this?"

YouTube To Pay For User-Generated Content 128

An anonymous reader writes "Speaking at the World Economic Forum, YouTube CEO Chad Hurley has revealed that the company plans to financially compensate users who produce and upload their content. With Google's purchase of YouTube last year, followed by more aggressive attempts to monetize the site (such as the deal struck with Verizon Wireless), it was inevitable that YouTube would come under pressure to share some of those fruits with ordinary users. But why didn't YouTube pay its users from the start? Hurley said: 'We didn't want to build a system that was motivated by monetary reward. We wanted to really build a true community around video. When you start out with giving money to people from day one, the people you do attract will just switch to the next provider who's paying more. We're at a scale now that we feel we can do that and still have a true community around video.'"
Role Playing (Games)

GenCon SoCal Throws In the Towel 36

The official GenCon website is hosting the official press release with the news: the West coast GenCon is no more. Citing 'competing shows' in the Southern California area, the RPG convention is closing up shop so that staff can focus on the Midwestern/East Coast Flagship event GenCon Indy. In an open letter from Peter Adkinson, he states how much he regrets this decision, and describes the four years of the event as well as the decision-making that led to this state of affairs. In his long discussion of the event, he downplays the attempt to merge with the IDG event and the inclusion of videogames into the GenCon formula. Though it's not listed as a root cause, the death of E3 would seem to be having a ripple effect here as well. He makes sure to point out that GenCon Indy isn't going anywhere, and that this year's 40th anniversary should be an interesting one.
The Internet

Submission + - Youtube to Reward Creativity

nocster writes: YouTube founder Chad Hurley confirmed to the BBC that the popular video sharing website was working out a mechanism that will reward creativity. The system is expected to be in place in about a couple of months.The system would use a mixture of adverts and short clips, shown ahead of the actual film.

Intel 45nm Fab Process Launched And Penryn Preview 113

NinjaKicks writes "Intel has decided to make public details of their new 45nm manufacturing process and also has broken news that next-gen Penryn core processors are running various versions of Windows and Vista successfully. Penryn will offer a host of core tweaks over Conroe, larger cache sizes, and SSE4 support. Also, although clock speeds will be increased, processors based on Penryn should fall within the same thermal power range as Conroe. Word is Penryn will also be compatible with some of the existing motherboards on the market while others will need either a BIOS update or perhaps other board-level changes."

Scientists Map the Human Metabolome 39

Cache22x writes "Scientists at the University of Alberta have published the first draft of the Human Metabolome Project, the chemical equivalent of the human genome. In the same spirit as the human genome project, the information has been made freely available to the scientific community and the general public through the project's website. Knowing the makeup of the metabolome will lead to potentially enormous medical advances as clinicians now have a comparative base for analyzing the metabolite levels found in our bodies."

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