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Comment Re: Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 1) 218

Hoofbeats. From clop-clop-clop at low speeds to a thunderous gallop at higher speed.
Only in urban areas, of course.

You're joking, of course. But back when motor cars made their debut in the U.S. and started to take market share from the horse carriages, some viewed it as a threat and fought for legislation that would have required motor cars to have horse shoes nailed to the car.

Comment Re:Hater's Gonna Hate... (Score 1, Insightful) 158

I do think it is awesome.

However, I will ask how many starving people he could have fed or provided clothes to school children or how hard his employees had to work to earn the money he took?

I am not hating but sometimes life is not fair. My boss grew up poor and we got into a horrible argument with him yesterday. Another coworker was dating this girl who was broke and didn't have a computer to finish college. He had 2 spare laptops at home. We both argued he shouldn't give them to her as they are Macs and worth a lot. Also it was just 1 date. It got bad as we were accused of being heartless bastards.

If I ever become rich I would prefer to donate money as my boss thinks burning money is the worst sin you could possible commit. How much better could society be if we spent the same amount of money we spent at Christmas to the homeless or disadvantaged?

Comment Re:No thanks, again. (Score 1) 370

Next month Edge will have a webkit extension store and will be compatible :-)

I still use IE 11 on Windows 10 to test code. I find IE 11 better than Edge oddly. It is not the same browser at all compared to IE 6. Not awesome, but it is ok and is usable and W3C compliant now.

I just add a line of CSS code to tell edge to load the IE 11 engine for compatibility as I do not want to bother to debug it as it is still alpha level quality and no one really uses it yet.

Comment Re:'Enhancements' (Score 1) 370

Updating on Windows is A MUST@!

It is a malware target and Windows 10 is sooo buggy in early builds compared to today. NTFS corrupts itself if you use a builld before the April update.. The update service is the only way to make it stable

If you have a machine that keeps getting bricked it means it is old and tested for Windows 7. Not 10. It is best not to update these machines as newer hardware does not break with auto updates.

Comment Maybe make a better browser (Score 1) 370

This is 2016 and there is no excuse to release a buggy browser with no extension support.

Edge is more like IE 6. It crashes and is more of a prototype browser that is unfinished. It shouldn't have been released as IE 11 is better.

Edge and 10 can self corrupt as well and give random RPC .DLL errors too with the earlier builds. It is not enterprise ready yet either. The later builds starting in May seem to prevent this problem.

Corporate users need to keep updates on to fix the bugs which makes them uncomfortable.

I am sticking with Chrome and IE 11 for my work on 10 at home. Sorry, but don't release your shit before it is ready. Vista, IE 6, and ME should have been examples of rapid releasing and fix later and you see how the market reacts

Comment Re: And on Chromebook... (Score 1) 370

No edge has buggy JavaScript and Windows 10 can self corrupt with earlier builds before 100560.

I kept Windows 8 until last month for these reasons and still use IE 11 for testing code and sites and ignore Edge. It's not ready for prime time yet and you can forge it to render with IE 11 with a specific Css tag. Thats what I am doing until 2017 or so.

Comment Re: Old dog, old tricks (Score 1) 370

So do IE 11 and Edge.

That's not what causes battery drain. JavaScript and CPU level threading and usage can be tuned. For example tickless schedulers can make a big difference with minimal impacts to performance.

The 7 loyalists may want to deny it but 8 and later are great with portables due to changes like above. JavaScript can be tuned too.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 606

No the reason why is because of outsourcing and process engineering with automation.

In 1980 1,000 accountants and book keepers making $80,000 a year in today's dollars were needed to run a fortune 1,000 company. Today, about 8 or 9 in India making $10/hr with excel and great plains accounting and Oracle can get the job done. Accounting majors start at Walmart where they are worth more.

Indians are for those with MBAs and 10yeaes experience for those expensive $15/hr jobs.

Robots can do manual labor cheaper. Websites can automate web page design cheaper and the coders for the glue can be in India to cut costs further.

So why should companies pay more? The US government has a whole department to help you outsource and will reward you with a tax break as an incentive to screw their own citizens.

Comment Re: Kinds of work? Ekronomics strikes again (Score 0) 1124

You know it's all fun and games when it's other peoples money.

Put your money where your mouth is? I will cut your salary in half and give it to someone less productive. Now you can be roommates with the guy at the gas station broke together in a run down apartment.

All equal right?

What? That is not fair? You worked hard to gain the education and overtime and training to get where you're at today? But but think of the poor guy at the gas station!

Life is not fair. But it is more fair where we are at now! I can argue since office work is the most pleasant that you should earn less. Fair is fair right?

Think the CEO is greedy? Just look what a bad one can do like the case of Nokia?

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